5 Peak Performance Mindset Secrets Of Successful Entrepreneurs

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5 Peak Performance Mindset Secrets Of Successful EntrepreneursIf you want to step up your game and jin the ranks of successful entrepreneurs, getting your mind in the right place is essential.  Here are 5 ideas to contemplate.

1. Think About What You Think About

This may seem confusing when you hear it first but one of the best ways to get control of your mind is to take the time to be aware of what is going on in your mind. As you have already noticed, your mind can take you to places you really do not want to go and if you passively allow your mind to run rampant then you inevitably lack success.

You must become supremely aware of what is going on in your head so that you can calmly separate yourself from anything that is causes you to hold back. See the drama for what it is and choose better thoughts that allow you take responsibility for your results. You are no longer a victim of anything that drops into your mind; you deliberately demolish weak thoughts and transplant powerful thoughts. This does take a little practice but once you start to live in awareness, you find it easier and easier to implement this.

And your actions and results will start to follow a better path. Ask yourself the question “What am I thinking about? Does it help or hinder?

2. Stop Expecting Instant Gratification

Most people think that they must get a great result the moment they try something new. They think life is like a fast food restaurant. You put in your order and within minutes you get delivered your food. Of course, the negative side of that is the low quality of the food and the lack of uniqueness of it. You, as a leader in business and life, cannot live like that.

You must recognize that every effort you put in will give you a reward but the big reward you are looking for will take persistence and a commitment to stay the course. You must stop expecting immediate compensation or else stay put in your job.

You will need to invest time in your skill to build it up to world class level rather than ‘fast food’ level so no longer allow the opinions of the masses to affect your mind when choosing to set up your business for ultimate success. The masses will tell you to relax and you may be tempted to sloe down after all, you are successful already but if you want world class results, you cannot allow yourself to think like the masses.

Ask Yourself “Am I hoping for instant gratification or will I stay the course?”

3. Do Not Avoid Conflict

No, this does not mean that you go running into conflict but certainly do not go through life trying to avoid the hard conversations. Do not go through life trying to be liked by everyone. Inside of you is power to find great solutions to any concern you may have in building your business and presenting a unique solution to the world so have the tough conversations, take the hard actions. Everything is not supposed to be obstacle free – Recognize that and roll with the punches.

You are more than capable of handling any drama that gets thrown your way so stop avoiding things and charge head on into the fray. The reward is worth it.

Ask yourself “Am I far too concerned about the opinions of others? How am I allowing it to affect the actions I take each day?”

4. Keep Moving Forward

There will be obstacles in your path to becoming an entrepreneur but the inner stance you must take is that you will never ever back down. Followers get caught up in looking for the result before they even take sufficient action to get the result. You can no longer be this person. YO must be someone who recognizes that if you are not at the top yet, then you are not done yet!

You just keep moving forward. There is an air of certainty around you as you keep pushing through until you reach your rainbow’s edge. And even when you get there, you know you will continually expand until the day your time is up.

Ask yourself “Where have I given up? Is it possible for me to return into the fray to get the result I really want?”

5. Use a True Measure

How do you decide when you are not living to your full potential in all areas from relationships to business growth to spirituality and health? Most would-be leaders live lower than their potential because they compare themselves to the people around them who are not playing at peak performance. And because everyone else is living average, it may feel that you are doing okay. This is not a true measure of what is possible for you. You cannot compare yourself to anyone else. YOU must choose everyday to be better than you were yesterday. You are your true measure and the chances are, you are doing nowhere near as much as is possible for you.

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