Facebook seems to like the whole idea of growing a community around your business, your brand and you should love it too.  It is what you are trying to do though you may not fully know it.  Think back in days gone by to the local shop on the corner.  The shop keeper knew everyone in the locality and everyone knew him/her.  There was loyalty because of this.  You want to generate that same feeling in your business and you can do that more easily with a group.  It does take time though.

The other way is to be present in other people’s groups and answer questions, share content and just engage with other people.  Again, it takes time but it is time well spent as you generate trust that you are a real person and that is one big issue with online business, people wonder if you are a real person, rather than a scam artist so use groups to engender trust.


Entrepreneurs can be reluctant to run ads and yet, it enables you reach more people faster.  And also, we are kinda spoilt as entrepreneurs!  Once upon a time, you had to pay for ANY reach at all but now we take social media for granted and think that it should just be handed to us on a platter and get angry when platforms demand certain things from us to keep the platform running.

Be a wise business owner and be willing to invest in your business while at the same time, being grateful for the platforms that give you some organic reach too.


These have to be had in order to do adverts so no choice there but also, they are a great place for building a brand around your business.  You can share content with those on your page and anyone can see it.  It is still my preferred way to use Facebook as can be seen from my 100000+ strong page.

You can also build community on there.


I like to share content on my profile but try not to be too blatantly salesy.  Facebook does not love you using the profile to do business so be wary about that or else you will wake up and find that your profile is now a page and all your private stuff is public.  However, ENSURE that when people come looking to find out more about you, they can locate your group or page from whatever information you have put on your profile.


If you do videos, which of course you do!, use watch parties to stretch their reach.  I recently discovered this as a great way to get more people paying attention to my videos.  USE IT NOW while reach is still pretty good on it.

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Much Amazing Love

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