Listen, I am a Diva – I know what I want and I refuse to settle for less.  I am high maintenance and I do not see this as a bad thing.  I set my sights on higher things and I am willing to do what it takes to bring all of it to life.  And I mean that, I do what it takes – through tears, pain, incredible joy and happiness – I show up and continually ask and act towards what I want for me and mine.

Many, many times, well-meaning people have tried to undermine my confidence by telling me stories about how spiritual people have to be accepting and content and all those holy sounding reasons that people give for staying small and I have bought into those stories before but NO MORE!

I made a decision ages ago – I would go deeper than deep with Papa AND I would also learn to avail myself of abundance.  I had this internal knowledge that abundance was my divine heritage, financial abundance as well as in all other areas of life.

And maybe you too bought into the nonsense that gave you the impression that you are not allowed to be both prosperous and deeply connected to your Higher power – Well then I take it as my Divinely guided purpose to set you straight 🙂

Like me maybe, you have experienced a limited form of prosperity in your job and current life – You have lifted yourself out of the mire of your childhood, you have got yourself on a path that others think you should be happy enough with, but there is a yearning for more without an understanding about how to turn that yearning into something tangible in all areas of life.

Well, here is a simple plan for you…


The life you desire will only work if you are DAILY cultivating a divine connection.  It matters not what you call your higher power, and in fact, you may simply know it as intuition and that is okay.  Dump rules about how you approach this divine connection, find a way that works for you so that you are daily able to tap into the deep wisdom that is yours to avail yourself of.

I personally enjoy an intimate, real relationship with my Source and I encourage and teach clients exactly how to do that because it is CRITICAL.  Do not keep this connection at arm’s length. Dump the fear that religion may have instilled in you around this.  Go straight to Source and ask any questions you have, develop a close relationship with this wisdom because as divinity constrained in this human body, this is how you remember who you really are.  This is how you return to the true design for you.

This is how you feel loved and you need love in order to do what needs to be done to create your abundant life.


This may be an ongoing revelation as you go deeper and deeper into relationship with your divine partner but take the time to daily keep distilling out who you are.  True prosperity in all areas of life comes when you are on the aligned path for you – I call it ‘The narrow path’ to your destiny.

Many will not understand why you are not content with the broad path you are on, why you cannot just settle and be happy with it, why you think you can have it all – DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM.  There is a longing, a deep desire within you to live a life of waking up knowing that you are on purpose, waking up knowing you get to do only things that you want to do


And refuse to settle for less!

And do not for one second allow yourself to believe that your higher power/intuition demands this sacrifice from you – this sacrifice of your true self – It is a lie told by leader, pastors, parents who did not have the courage to tell you what I am about to tell you (and have already alluded to).  They did mean well so forgive them but no longer buy into their stories.

As you distil out your true design, let it be as glorious as it is.  Do not second-guess the vision you see coming to life.  Just write it all down and accept that this glorious vision is a part of your divine heritage.


I was speaking to a Deliberate Success Client yesterday in our weekly coaching call and there was some uncertainty on how to take the vision in her mind and live it out in everyday life.

We all come to that place where the things we think we need to do seem overwhelming and then it is tempting to fall back, to put down the vision until we are more able to handle it or some other story of the sort that we tell ourselves.

And as I mentioned, this is one of the reasons why those people who were in authority over us tried to keep us down – They KNOW what it is like to go after a dream when the world around you is content to stay stuck in regular life and ‘mass think’ – It can be tough.

You can get overwhelmed and it is pretty HARD to stay on course when you just do not know what to do next and so, some leaders felt it was best to reduce our expectations and make the whole ‘acceptance’ thing seem holy.  Most people buy into it because when the tension builds inside of them as they try to stay on the narrow path, it is easier to pretend that maybe, their higher power does not really want them to do this thing because surely, it would be easier if it was of the Divine.

And they tell themselves that they do not want to burn out and get stressed out and have panic attacks and so on.

Or maybe they tell themselves that they are not cut out for this thing because surely, it should be more natural feeling to live out the calling on your life.

I get it – These are all real fears – I do not diminish them but I say this to you – You have spent YEARS forcing your awesomely shaped self into an ill-fitting hole and that became your normal.  And now it feels weird and pretty scary to return to your awesome self.  It feels alien to you but it is okay.

That is simply growing-pain – You can handle it.  So ignore the thought that you are not cut out for this – YOU ARE!  You will not burn out on your purpose path – you may get tired and you deliberately take a break and keep on moving – the end!  No dramatics required about past experiences when you were on the wrong path for you.

Remember this, your vision is your permission.


Back to that client I was speaking to in the last point, I got her to simply ask this question everyday (numerous times during the day)

“What is the teeniest, tiniest thing I can do to move towards my vision in this area of my life?”

And then, listen for guidance because it will immediately flash into mind.

Capture it.

Do not second guess it.

Do not overthink it.


And remember, life can be messy, so ask the question for EVERY area of life every day.  Overwhelm is a choice and also, it is not necessarily a state you need to remain in, if you simply focus on the next little step in each area of life.

And as you ask this question repeatedly, you will find that some things you spend time on are simply unnecessary.  And you can dump those and simplify your life.

My DIVA life  is a lot simpler than it used to be.  I have allowed what needed to fall away to fall away and I focus in on the key things to bring my vision in all areas of life to physical reality.  It did not happen all at once but every so often, I look at my life and I am amazed at how streamlined it is.  There are still some areas to refine but I have come a long way.

Start where you are to ask this question and when it feels right, dare to let some stuff go and only act on the things that bring you closer to your vision.


AS we started to mention in the last point, there will be some cleaning and clearing to do in order to live that life of abundance, freedom, fulfilment.

And some of the cleaning and clearing will be of external things, people etc and QUITE A LOT of it will be internal stuff.

Guilt, shame, fear, childhood hurts, weird unnecessary anger, religious dogma that holds you back, family traditions that you feel loyal to that hold you back and so much more that only ever rears its ugly head when you DECIDE to step firmly on to the DELIBERATE LIFE.

This would be another reason that some of your well-meaning authority figures would have tried to keep you from this path because it can be tough to clean and clear this emotional stuff.  Most people like you and I, want to pretend it does not exist – EXCEPT IT DOES! And there is no avoiding it if you are sincere in your quest for freedom.

So, be willing to do the internal work.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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