5 Actions and Thoughts for success

By October 4, 2011November 14th, 2014Perseverance, Self Development

Starting something new is quite daunting, particularly if we have become set in our way of thinking and acting.  The older we get, the less likely we are to upset the apple cart.  We want the status quo to remain the same as it has always been.   However, at the same time we want change in our lives, change in the daily routine that has become too predictable, we want to make our own future rather than waiting for it to be handed to us.  I know this is not true for everyone as some are quite satisfied with the way things are, thank you very much!  This post however, is not then for you. 

This is for you who long for improvement, for personal growth, for a chance to put yourself to the test even though you are filled with a certain amount of nervousness.  While on the journey, these are a few of the thoughts and actions that help me deal with my wildly fluctuating emotions.

  1. Start the day by taking a moment to reflect. – I like to take a moment (and sometimes it literally is a moment – pre-schoolers are amazingly early risers!) to breathe a prayer.  If I wake up early enough, I spend a little time just quietly working through the day in my imagination, making notes of things that slip into my mind, visualizing the results I would like to see for the day.  I ask for help from God and then the day starts.
  2. Choose to focus on the positives – I have mentioned in a previous post the importance of being grateful.  This is another way of saying that.  Each day will probably come with its fair share of triumphs and disappointments.  The tendency for human beings is to focus solely on how annoying things can be at times, but this closes our brains down to finding solutions resulting in more feelings of fear and being overwhelmed.  All we see is the impossibility of the situation.  The better alternative is to focus on the positive things and downplay any negative.  This leaves your brain open to finding a way through, over or under any mountain.
  3. Act despite feelings of fear – this is a big one.  Fear can cause us to procrastinate and therefore it seems we are always working but not really accomplishing anything.  Yes, I am definitely speaking from experience.
  4. Recognise that it is not all going to get easy immediately – Nothing good comes easy or else everyone in the world would have what you want.  In order to see results on all the efforts you are putting in, you need to commit to the long haul of personal growth and self-development.  It is only as our character is changed as a result of all the new habits we are taking on, that we are able to hold on to and appreciate any victory that comes our way.  This brings me nicely on to my next thought.
  5. Just keep keeping on. – This definitely goes without saying but excuse me as I restate the obvious.  Failure is only failure if we stop moving forward.  Seeming failure could actually be right at the doorstep of victory – Just one little push could open the door but most people turn away at this seeming failure.  He who sticks at it is definitely more likely to win than the guy who walks away at the first sign of any trouble.  Be a keeper on-er.


What kind of things do you do that help you stay on course? What habits set you up for success?

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