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Get Your Message Out, Get More Buyers In

Attention All Current & Soon To Be Business Owners!

Here’s How To Get Your Message Out, Get More Buyers In & Make More Money Faster!

Stop Floundering, Stop Being Underestimated & Start Making Money!

It IS Your Time!

Hello Dudes & Dudettes!

Are you a business owner ready to start making a ‘freedom-creating’ amount of money from your business?

Are you fed up of just scraping a living, working all the hours God sends, feeling guilty about working such long hours and still not seeing the results you expected?

And frankly at this point, you wonder if the job is going to welcome you back?

Or maybe you are a professional ready to ditch the uninspiring job, set up shop and start out with lightning-speed, bypassing all those who thought you could not do it, and all those who think that staying in a dead-end job is all that their life holds?

If this, in any way describes you, and you are passionate about building a business that fulfils you and serves others… then welcome!

get your message out, get the buyers in


Get Your Message Out, Get The Buyers inThis is THE program for people who are ready to break through their own barriers, people who are ready to step their business very quickly up to the next level and people who are passionate about their mission to their family, their customers and to the world.



This is for people who are fed-up of learning all about the 20 million ways to market their business and instead want to discover how to get a proven system in place that they can put into action quickly so that they can actually live as well as build a business.

This is for people who know that they are called to more and that are ready to step things up, starting now!

  • So, if you know that you have a message to deliver through your business, whether it is a product, service or book or song
  • If you get frustrated because you never seem to get the results whatever you do
  • If your marketing never seems to work the way you hope
  • If you are spending money on advertising and getting nothing back

and let’s not talk about the time spent getting nothing but the sound of crickets on a clear night from your prospects!!! Oh Dear!!!



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OK, Let’s talk about…

The one HUGE Mistake Business Owners Make

As a Business Coach, I see this mistake over and over again and I wonder if you too have fallen into this trap. It is something described by Michael Gerber in the E-Myth and it is the difference between success or failure in business.

Let me ask you a question…

Did you believe that being great at what you do would mean it was going to be easy to get buyers in?

get your message out, get the buyers inI am sorry to tell you that is not the case.

PBOOK001As I showed in the eBook which of course you have read cover to cover 🙂 the 8th reason for people to fail at their business is because they fall in love with their product/service.

Falling in Love with your product/service means you pay more attention to growing your skill base rather than your ability to promote your business.

You must learn how to do both!!!

Because if you don’t and if you keep feeling that taking money for your service/products is in some way evil then building a fulfilling business is going to be incredibly hard.

At some point, you will start to resent the people you are serving and also, they will not value the contribution you bring to the table which defeats the whole object of serving them.

The truth is, it is not your fault!


Who taught us how to run our own businesses anyway?

Get the message out, Get The buyers in

From the day we were placed in school until now, we have been trained to work for someone else and now, when we come to do our own thing, is it surprising that we do not know how?


The system was stacked against us and now, you need to shake off some of that old thinking, get your mindset in gear and implement a strategy that will build your business, grow your reputation in your chosen field and help you create the life you have always dreamt of.


Are you ready?


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profile pic muminbusinessJust a few years ago, I was in this very same position. I had a dream but lacked appropriate follow through. I had a hope of serving lots of people but did not know how.

I have studied, implemented, cried and more to finally drag myself out of that mindset in order to create a better life than I ever dreamed possible. It has been an emotional rollercoaster and there are still places I want to go but looking back through my journals and my numbers, I assure you things are considerably better.

Not so long ago, I was a Pharmacist working, working, WORKING, trying hard to keep my head above water and then I was a depressed, bankrupt new mum burying my head in the sand, hoping the nightmare would end and now…

NOW, I have a super successful property business and a profitable coaching practice that I absolutely adore.

Everything I show you in this program are things I have learnt the hard way and now that applied knowledge is creating a life and business I enjoy.


GEt your Message Out, get the buyers inNow, I spend the days with my princesses, home educating them and doing work that I love.

You can create a life you love as well.

Don’t get me wrong – I do work hard but I love the life I have created and I keep moving forward, ditching more of the things I hate and adding more of the things I love!





Let me tell you something you already know…

It Can Be Incredibly Hard Work To Get A Business Off The Ground

I know it and I spent a good long time struggling, crying, failing and wondering what on earth I was doing, buying all the cheap programs of people telling me I would make lots of money if I did this one thing, being dragged by the nose in this and that direction.

It was seriously confusing!

Do you want that to be you? I certainly hope not.

Or maybe it is already you…

The thing that made the difference for me was working with a coach & mentor whilst masterminding with other business owners.

Why did this help?

It was no longer just me trying to make sense of all the information I was being given- I was no longer alone and it helped me clarify the direction I truly wanted to go in.

It also allowed me to really figure out what my next step was, rather than trying everything and failing dismally over and over again.

And this program is designed to give you the stuff you need right now to create the business you want.


pixel I want to pay in instalments

So let me tell you more about this program…

get Your message out, get more buyers in


These modules will be delivered to you each and every week and you can watch or listen to them again and again in your own time

Get Your Message out, Get The buyers inGet Your Message Out, Gnt More Buyers INGet Your Message Out, Get The Buyers in


pixel I want to pay in instalments

And if that was not enough! Here are 3 BONUS Modules for you that will be delivered to you as well.

  1. Get Your MEssage Out, Get More Buyers INProfit Bonus Module 1 – Focus
    This module will use quite a few online and offline strategies to multiply your efforts to get the word out.

  2. Profit Bonus Module 2 – Accelerate Your Sales
    You may dread those one-to-one conversations but what if there is a formula to follow that will sell your product/service consistently time and time again. This is for you, network marketers, service providers and every business person. Stop fearing this and learn to sell without selling.

  3. Profit Bonus Module 3 – Master Your Money For Maximum Wealth Creation
    Put in place ways of monitoring the important figures – the ones that tell you what is working and what needs to go. Determine your perfect pricing to ensure you are not repelling the right customers but also not working yourself into the ground for very little reward.

And in addition to all this, you will get workbooks to record your learnings.

You will also get access to an exclusive Facebook group where you can share with everyone else on the course. Being in business is a solitary thing, especially if you have friends and family who do not get you. You can use this exclusive group to develop relationships that spur you on.

In the group, you will also have access to me to get your questions answered and your marketing material looked at. For some of you, I will even do additional videos critiquing your business ideas and giving you stuff to move forward with.

How valuable would it be to have a successful business person take a look at your stuff and help you figure out where you might be going wrong?

As part of the group, you will also be held accountable for the actions you take. How many times have you promised yourself that you will do this or that to build your business and time goes by and still you don’t do it? You are not alone in this so there will be opportunity to share your decisions and be held to them.

I really want you to grow your business in the time we are together. Make sure you take advantage of everything on offer here!

So… Are You Ready To Attract A Flood Of New Buyers Into Your Business?GYMGYBE Button

I want to pay in instalments

And You may be asking


This program will begin in the week starting Monday, 1st September.

Every Monday for 8 weeks, you will receive the module for the week via email – Listen to it, complete the workbook and then every fortnight during the course, there will be a live call where you can get your questions answered.

This will be incredibly helpful to you whether you have questions or not, because you will pick up ideas for your business so do not miss out. If for some reason you are not able to attend a call, you can send your questions in advance and pick up your answers in a recording at a later date.



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Get Your Message Out


Testimonials 2


There are two kinds of people this will help –

  1. Current Business Owners
  2. Professionals Transitioning into their own business.

Also, as an ex-pharmacist, I am drawn specifically to people who have made it or want to make it their mission to assist others in feeling good about themselves on the outside and the inside.

For instance, holistic therapists, beauty therapists, network marketers recommending products that improve health and enhance beauty, personal trainers, alternative medicine pratitioners, coaches and anything along those lines.

This program WILL help you overcome any issues you have with promoting yourself and your business.

The thing is, if you have read this far down and you are drawn to the idea of working with me then I welcome you whatever your chosen business.

I want to pay in instalments

Get The MEssage Out

And you would be right in saying investment because this is stuff that you will take and can apply into your business over and over again. This knowledge is priceless.

When did you last invest in yourself? Too many people I speak to, want to give and give and give to their family, their friends, their everyone and they forget that you can only give from a position of strength.

This program can be the start of you taking yourself and your business seriously. And then, you will be able to indulge all your higher mission based ideas.

During this 8 week course you will learn from me how to build and make a success of your business. I will communicate knowledge to you that took me years to learn, implement and optimise and whose value far exceeds the price you will actually pay. In fact, let’s break this down

Each of the modules can be sold individually for £47 totalling £564

People work with me on a one-to-one basis for a minimum of £200 a session so each fortnight, being able to access what I would only reveal to my one-to-one clients can be valued at £800 for the 8 weeks.

If you tried to package all this information yourself and worked with the coaches I work with, you would have to have paid out a minimum of £23,657, and that’s without even taking into account all the time it has taken to test, to track, to prove out the most useful stuff to deliver to you in a really clear, simple, step by step manner.

And yet, your investment in this program is only…

£179 – (125.30)

(or make 7 payments of £29 £20.30 each month)

The First FIVE purchasers get one to one time with me throughout the duration of the course.

And the next ten purchasers also get a one-to-one look at their business – A Supercharge Your Business Profits Session – What would it be like to get your business scrutinised by a business success expert?


pixel I want to pay in instalments

Are You Mad, Rosemary?



But this is my truth – I want this to be super accessible to people who will use it.

I no longer want you to be confused and conflicted and going in every ‘shiny object’ direction.

I personally do not feel a one day basic level marketing course with a large group of people with no ongoing support as offered by a lot of the providers out there is useful. I have tried it and it did nothing for me.

For this 8 weeks, you will have an immersion experience. You & your business will grow.

If you are anything like me, you do not have time to keep playing around. Between your family, your partner, your social life (if you have one still 🙂 ), you know you need clear step-by step directions to put in place.

And that is what this will give you.


I want to pay in instalments

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions, Honey!


When does it begin?

Your first training video & worksheets & transcripts will be delivered to your membership area on Monday 1st September.

How many people will be on the program?

In order to ensure you all get close attention, I will only allow 50 people to register. Remember, I am in contact with well over 10,000 people on social media and on my mailing list so this course will not stay open long.

It is a little bit pricey…

I get that…

You may not be really ready to accelerate your business if you do feel that way. What is the value to you of a consistent stream of customers into your business? What if you get 5 more buyers a week? What would the value be to you then?

As much as I understand where you are at (I have been there), I also know that things changed when I invested in myself. Do you believe you are worth it?

Isn’t it a little too cheap?

I certainly get this but I want to make it accessible to any serious business person. I am on a mission to enable leaders at all levels to promote themselves and their business.

How long will it take to implement?

Well, the course lasts 8 weeks and you will have access to the information forever so you can take as long as you like to do the stuff. However, if you are able to follow along with us during the live course, you will get an incredible amount of value as you can work with others in the same boat as you.

I want to work with you on a one to one level to implement and speed straight ahead

I admire your desire. And it will take you far. Listen, start here, get the system and then lets talk in the first week, there may be a way to upgrade your membership.

Will I be able to do it all? I feel so overwhelmed…

You are in the right place. This course will be available to you forever so you can listen again and again. You can apply for a hotseat, you can ask questions in the group. And I promise to break it down so you have step by step instructions to implement the necessary strategies. The idea is to simplify and create definitive processes that you can implement quickly and with confidence.

Are you going to do it again?

I am not sure of that yet. I have to see how this one goes.

Why can you not give it away for free to support me and I will pay you when the money comes in?

Oh honey! I understand why you feel that way because I too have asked that question. This is the truth – You have to invest in yourself first in order to really value and implement the training.

Lean into the challenge and see the amazing things you can create when you set your mind to it.

Is there a guarantee?

Also, I give you a year long guarnatee that if you try this and you do not see the results, then ask for your money back anytime up to a year from purchase. Give it a go and see what happens…

Let me in, Let me in! How Do I get Started?

Just click the huge purple button or the words beneath it. You will be taken to a paypal screen where you can make your payment. After that is done, you will receive an email welcoming you into the program.

Come on in!GYMGYBE Button

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