Don’t you know that you are incredibly loved?

Don’t you know that all of the universe is seeking your good?

Honey, it is time to love on yourself and to open up again to love…


How long have you been holding yourself back on going after every single thing you desire?  You tell yourself not to be greedy, not to be selfish.  You tell yourself that it is impossible to get everything.

Do you not realise that every time you say that to yourself, you are ultimately DISALLOWING the best things to come to you?  YOU are saying that you do not really want it.  You are telling the universe / God to hold back on giving you everything as yiou are not sure that you really do want it.

And honey, that is a sign a self-unlove.

This is one way that self-unlove keeps you from everything you desire.  Just allow it in.  It is not completely up to you to create it but it is COMPLETELY up to you to allow yourself to receive it.

So, allow in your heart’s desires by writing a list of everything you desire and simply, choose to go over it each day, change it as it occurs to you to add to it or if something is no longer what you want.  Build your faith as you allow yourself to feel it is all coming to you.


There is something powerful about orgasms.  I am not even going to pretend to understand it all but I know the freedom that has resulted in my life just by choosing to have more orgasms and learning to love my private parts.  For too long, I felt as though my sexuality was to be hidden and ignored but that is denying a part of you.

A VERY POWERFUL part of you.

The energy created there gives birth to physical people and also non-physical ideas.

Love yourself to heal any issues you have around this area of life.  Sit in front of a mirror and love on yourself.  NOtice where you feel uncomfortable and work on it.  Ask yourself why you feel that way and allow the answer to bubble up and then, do whatever you need to do to release and heal it.


The points above may have led you to worry about whether you should be reading this post or not.  The sad thing would be to feel the resistance and not check to see what beliefs are causing you to think that anything I have said above is wrong.

For years, religious ideas planted in me from birth kept me from freedom.  The religion that was supposed to free me, ended up binding me up and all because I was scared to question anything.  Scared that I would be cast out of my free pass to an eternity in heaven.  As though I was not creating my very own hell, right here on earth.  I did not need to wait for eternity, it seemed.

Honey, when last did you question what you believe?  Someone says the word ‘spiritual’ and you immediately put your back up because some preacher person somewhere told you that there is only one way to think and you did not even question that at all.  You just allowed fear to rule the roost.  Fear of  a god that you think is out to get you!

Is God love or not?

What of family culture and traditions?  When last did you question why you have to do things the way you have always done things?  Honey, we need to engage our minds more in order to truly love who we are.  We cannot keep living to other people’s ideas for us?  They may not even know where the tradition came from – they just demand that you do it.

Love yourself enough to ONLY do what makes you feel good.  I know that sounds wrong but again, is that just conditioning?  Why do you think that you are supposed to feel bad?  Who taught you that? And why do you still go along with it?


Following on from what I said in the last point, why not follow your bliss?  Why not allow life to feel easy and amazing all the time?  Why not only do things that make you feel awesome and delegate or delete all the rest?

Why not deliberately design a ‘BECAUSE I WANT TO’ lifestyle?

This is the ultimate in loving yourself – Doing all you do from a place of bliss.  I know it will take a little time to get there but give yourself the opportunity to make it a reality in your life.  IT IS YOUR CHOICE, you know?

If you choose that only a life of hardship and struggle with a few blips of happiness is possible then you get to keep that.

And if you choose a life of happiness, ease, flow, prosperity then you get to keep that.

You will do whatever it takes to create what yuo think is possible, you know?

And you will disallow the rest.

So going back to point 1, DO YOU ACTUALLY KNOW What you want?  Because you are a creating machine, a success machine and you will create whatever you set your mind to and if you are not DELIBERATELY setting your mind on bliss, guess where your mind is set to?!

So get deliberate.

Choose to love yourself.

There may be a time of transition that feels hard as you break through old ideas of what you HAVE TO do, but you will break through if you keep your mind focused on prosperity in ALL areas.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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