4 Steps to being a ‘Go-To’ Expert in Your Crowded Marketplace

By July 31, 2015May 1st, 2020Self Development

go to expertA lot of people are very good at what they do but they still do not get the accolades they deserve.

That could be you.

You might be the best beautician on the block but if no one else knows, then it is all for nothing.  No one knows and so they cannot invest in your business and get the benefit of your expertise.

Here are 4 steps to follow to become the go-to expert person you choose to be

It is time for you to get known and rolling in referrals and people wishing to work with you.

1. Do you know what you stand for?

What do you stand for? What do you stand against? When people ask you what do you do? Do you know? OR do you find yourself sounding boring, bland and forgettable? How clear are you on the exact value that you bring to the table that sets you apart from every other business owner in the same marketplace as you.

2. Do you have a presence online?

And if you do, is your messaging coming across well. Are you keeping your platform up to date. IF someone comes to take a look at what you are up to, will they understand exactly why they should trust you as opposed to the other person next door.

Are you keeping tabs on your reputation online? At the start, you may not have much of one but set up Google alerts so you are informed immediately if there is something you need to react to.

3. Are you creating products?

Are you beginning to create content that tell people what you are up to. We live in a very information driven world at the moment so having your thoughts set loose on the world in various formats, including video, audios and articles, is a very useful way of getting the right people funneling their way into your world.

Put them into some kind of an order so people go from working with you for free to working with you at a cost. This can become your product funnel where prospects become customers and work more closely with you as they work their way up the funnel or they drop off because they realize they no longer want to.

4. Are you making connections?

Once you are clear about the 3 things listed above, are you making connections with people who may be able to push you and your business forward by promoting you to their audience.

Or maybe even before you get it all set up, you choose to work with someone who will mentor or coach you and also, show you off to their audience as a result of being their client. This can propel you forward so much quicker than chugging along on your own.

Take the time to fit it into your plans

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