We all start life happy…

Well, apart from the shock of being thrust into the world ? from the comfort and warmth of the womb…

After that initial shock, our natural tendency is towards happiness…



We feel instinctively that our needs will be met

And so we just chill

And then we begin slowly (or unfortunately quickly) to realise that we are living with flawed humans who are just about doing the best they know how to do to get by…

No instruction manual given to them so they try their hardest but inevitably fail at times…

I was talking about this to a friend yesterday as we acknowledged that our children think we know it all (though I have done my best to strip my princesses of that particular concept!) but really parents are making it up as we go along, wondering when we became this grown up!!!

Anyway, back to what I was saying, we live with these peeps called parents and we start to get disillusioned

And it continues to happen

People fail

People hurt

Events happen that hurt

Disappointments happen

And slowly but surely, we begin to lose hope and joy and happiness

Some manage to keep it going for a bit longer than others

Some more naturally choose more positive explanations for everything

Whereas we (yes, that would be you and I) tend to see the negative more

We tend to be unable to shake the darkness we feel inside as we get hurt time and time again

We keep moving forward, for sure but we feel a little more broken as the days go by until there is an emptiness inside that will not be denied, no matter how hard we try to stick a plaster on it to hold it all together.

And then it is hard to be happy

What do you do then?

Yes, you are strong

Yes, you have overcome and you are still standing

But deep down, you are not happy


I feel it is impossible to be happy when you are living the wrong life.  With everything that has happened to you, you may have shifted off the right course for you and now feel too scared to get back on track because that may mean starting afresh.

DARE TO DO IT anyway

You do not need to quit everything, all at once.  No!

First, take a little time to sit quietly, journal in hand and ask, ask, ask “What do I want?”, “Why is it important to me?”

No filter, just write, write, write.

You do not have to commit to anything but you do want to grow in self-awareness.

What do you really feel called to do in life?

What kind of people would you like to have around you?

What difference do you want to make?

What kind of partner, friend, parent do you want to be?

What feels like fun to you?

Get to know you again.  Mostly, unhappiness is you trying to force yourself into the wrong box for you.  Get to know yourself again, my love!


Peeps try to make sense of life using their very limited physical senses.  And I understand that it seems sensible to do so but that thought too is a result of their limited senses.  Why would you limit yourself when you have access to limitless wisdom and abundance?

And also, when you try to do life alone, you are like a battery-powered car running without being charged for an endless period.  Yes, you can keep going for so long but then, you will come to a dead halt unless you are plugged into your power source and charged right up.

the difference for us, is that we can remain plugged in ALL THE TIME!  We do not need to wait until our battery is low.

I used to see this as a kind of weakness.  Surely, the need to be spiritual was only reserved for the weak, for those who did not have the strength to face real life.  NOT SO!

Spirituality is for those strong enough to realise that they are more powerful in connection than out of it.  It is for those who are here to make a difference and leave a legacy and who know that their vision goes beyond the capability of their physical form.  Yes, I know some use their spirituality as a crutch but that is not who we are.

We are too powerful for that!


Most unhappiness is a result of layered negativity.  Something happens at some point in life which then gets layered with something else and then something else and our attitudes about these things also get added to the mix.  All resulting in a mess.

WE need to clean and clear the layers.  Take out the trash and leave it out!

Sometimes, it is old relationships that we feel we much keep to be ‘good’ people – LET THEM GO

Sometimes, it is old beliefs that we are attached to – LET THEM GO

Sometimes, it is old habits – LET THEM GO

Let the old go so that you create a vacuum for new, more positive thinking

4. ACT

We cannot keep doing the same old same old stuff and then expect life to get happier.

There are new actions to take and they will usually be intuitive ones.  After all, if you already KNEW what to do, to get where you wanted to go, then you would have done it already, right?!  So now you need to start asking the power within you, for guidance and following through on it.

Do not depend so much on your logical mind.  It can only logicalise what it is familiar with.  And again, if you were familiar with being happy, YOU WOULD ALREADY BE HAPPY!

So obviously, you need something more than just what you already know.

Yes, there are times when you know of actions that you need to take but you have been procrastinating on but for the most part, it goes beyond what your logical, reasonable mind knows so go deeper than that.

Allow answers to bubble up from within you as you get back into connection with Source.

Just simply taking a moment to quiet down and ask yourself for the best next move could lead to an unexpected answer that could bring you back on track to happiness when you act on it.  Your intuition is easy enough to tap into.  It just takes practice and trust and a willingness to act on what you hear without all the second-guessing and overthinking.

Will you do it?


Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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