“Was it to me you were bringing sacrifices & offerings during those 40 years in the wilderness?

No, you made idols with your hands and worshipped them instead of me

So I will send you into exile”

Paraphrased from the Bible

There are spiritual laws, universal laws on which life is based

And it does not really matter what your belief system is when it comes to these laws

One major law is this…

You are designed to do life in connection with your Source – That is how you get the most out of this life – Your humanity connected COMPLETELY to Divinity – This is your power. This is your creative ability. This is how you elevate out of any situation.

Call that Source what you will – God, Jesus, Buddha, Universe, Higher Self, Infinite Intelligence, Intuition

That Source gives you life

The problem I find with having these conversations with you, is that you are overflowing with religious dogma that taints everything I say.

Even now, you may be reading what I am saying feeling the pressure of all that religious hoop-jumping you are either still a part of or that you have turned your back on but it still haunts you

And so, when I talk of doing life in connection with your Source, you feel nothing but pressure to be perfect and a horrid weight that you do not know how to carry

And THAT is one of the idols of which this verse from the Bible speaks.


It is an idol of your own making – Yes, you had help in forming that idol.  Be it parents who lived in fear of this Divine being they did not understand or spiritual leaders who were trying to control you or to give them the benefit of the doubt, who did not have any understanding either or be it by seeing some of the horrid things people do in the name of ‘God’.

Ultimately, you got a false idea of the Divine and you have not questioned it in a long time and it terrorises you and keeps you from the very Source of wisdom, love, power, strength, healing you need to live a good amazing life

And so you are in exile.

You feel abandoned by the Divine.

You feel unable to move forward in life because you have cut yourself off from the SOURCE of life.

Not because you are being punished, but simply because you have chosen, knowingly or unknowingly, to be disconnected from your true Source.

That is one idol.

There is also the idol of all the people in your life that you try to make like and love you.

You give all your energy to giving, giving and OVERGIVING to them and you expect them then to give you what you want in return – Feelings of approval, validation, love, acceptance, respect, power, accolades etc. You want them to make you feel worthy.

And when they don’t give you what you want (because they can’t!), you feel betrayed, hurt and drained…

This too is an idol you have created that takes you away from your true source

Life does not work when you do that.

Your work/business may be another idol that you think will give you the energy you need to do life

Again, you try to get feelings of fulfilment, validation and love by forcing your business/career to work – You give it everything, hoping it will give you something back in return and then, just like that, they made you redundant or you lost lots of money in a business deal gone wrong, or you did not get the raise or promotion you wanted and in that moment, you are catapulted into exile.




Doubting yourself.

Annoyed at the powers that be (whoever ‘they’ are)

But it is not them, my love

You put yourself in exile when you tried to live outside of true connection to your Source.

You abandoned yourself when you looked to a lie or to external things to complete you.

This is not a religious thing, my love.

It is simply the way life works.

or does not work, if you choose to set yourself up against the law of life.

You are made to do life in intimate connection with your Source

Every other way leads to a feeling of exile, abandonment, powerlessness.

Or in more common terms – Every other way leads to under-earning, under-achieving, low-level sadness all the time, frustration, anxiety, struggle, suffering.

Your battery is low and you ain’t charged it in a while

Come back home.

Plug back in and allow yourself to be revived.

POWER UP, my love!

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