3 Ways To Know Yourself And Your Strengths

Know yourself and your strengths

You are not one of those people that just goes through life without thinking about what you are good at, are you? You do want to live a life of purpose, don’t you?


Well, getting to know yourself and your strengths is an absolutely essential task. It is certainly not something that can be done in one foul swoop. It is something that you grow into as you walk the journey of life.

As Voltaire says ‘We must cultivate our own garden’ – However, too many people are far too concerned with the garden of another. It is easy to pass judgment on others but it is infinitely better to focus your attention on your own life because it is the only thing you can actually do something about.

This work is also pretty essential if you want to be truly wealthy and get rich and all that good stuff because it is substantially easier to create wealth doing something you love than staying stuck in something you don’t.  And how on earth will you figure out what you like if you do not pay attention to who you are and what you are exccelt at.


OK, so how do you get to know yourself and your strengths?


  1. Take a personality testThere is a vast array of tests available to be done online to get an idea of what makes you tick and what you need to avoid. They do not need to be taken as the gospel truth but it starts you thinking about what you are good and why you react the way you do.

    Getting to know this stuff is essential for creating a life and business that you like. The tests I have taken in the past include the Kolbe A test, the DISC Assessment and enneagram test. I personally preferred the DISC assessment but that could be because I worked on it with a coach and really spent some time understanding myself as a result of it.

  2. Ask the people in your life that love you.Again, please take with a pinch of salt. Sometimes, the people who have known you for a long time box you up and refuse to allow you to be anyone other than what they are used to. However, they could give you some insights into what you take for granted.

    We usually have strengths that are the norm for us but are something special to someone else. So, pick 3 people to spend some time with and get their opinions on what your strengths are and also what your weaknesses are too. Remember, to take a pinch of salt with you and also remember that you are not set in stone. If you don’t like what you hear, you can change direction.

  3. Journal-ingI personally find the act of writing out what I am thinking and feeling as a great tool for discovering myself. When I take the time to ask myself who I choose to be and I just write what comes out, I am often surprised about my own hidden depths. It can be challenging to face yourself as you are – You might find that the life you are currently living does not make you happy and you may have been hiding behind your ‘I don’t know what I want’ for so long for that very reason.

    When you get deliberate about discovering yourself, you may come face to face with the fact that you have settled into a life and a career that does not use your skills to their best ability. OR maybe it uses your weaknesses which would explain the underlying discontent, you keep trying to pretend is not there.

    Don’t let that put you off. Get yourself a simple notebook and start to ask yourself the deeper questions

    ‘Who am I?’

    ‘Who do I want to be?’

    ‘What do I want out of life?’

    ‘What will I no longer settle for?’

    ‘If my life is to be considered a success, what do I want to have done during my lifetime?’

    ‘What skills do I have that I never seem to use anymore?’

    ‘Why don’t I use them?’

    ‘If I had no concern about what others thought of me, what would I be doing right now?’

    ‘If I had a hundred million dollars in the bank, what would my day consist of?’

    ‘What kind of people do I want to be around?’

    Take the time to ask and answer these questions – Get clear on who you are and what you want because then you can do what it takes to get it.

OK, get to work. Remember this is an ongoing revelation. Do not allow yourself to get trapped in thinking that all action ceases while you go on a journey of self-discovery. Keep moving forward and the path to your best life and most profitable, fulfilling business will come clear.

If you would like to spend a day with me, figuring out your purpose and what you want out of life as well as putting a business strategy together to get you there, then get in touch. Each month, I have one or two of these ‘Get It Done Already Wealth Accelerator’ Days on offer but you can only access it by getting in touch with me. Pop over to RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/gidawa

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