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1. Understand how important it is

If you do not understand how important it is to build one then you will not do the work to make it so.  You will keep dithering and dabbling at it and so your business will struggle to grow.  You need people who have chosen to hear from you.  The strength of your business is in the mailing list.  If you ever chose to sell your business, people would be pretty darned interested in the mailing list, because they get an idea of how much goodwill your business has.  Would it not be amazing to get to the point in your business where you send out an email and suddenly, you get a huge number of sales.  It can become predictable how much money you are likely to make each time you send out an offer.  How cool would it be to have that level of certainty?

2. Set a Goal & Commit

So, where are you at, right now?  How many subscribers do you have at the moment?  None or are you feeling stagnant at the moment.  Decide where you want to be in 4 weeks time.  Set a goal and write it down everywhere so that you see it everywhere.  Let it inform everything you do in business.  Let all your actions be outcome focused.  Do things that cause you to build the list.

3. Determine to take responsibility for your tribe

In the process of being outcome focused, do not forget that it is people on your list.  Stay connected to the people in your tribe, your community.  If you do want them to buy your stuff, make sure you come from a place of service.  Ask yourself as you do your daily tasks, how can I serve more people?  Go to your ever building list and pick out a name and ask “How can I help Mark today?”  And then respond to your intuitive promptings.  Really get into the mindspace that you only want to do things that will improve their life.  And keep doing that.

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want.

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