3 Steps To Get Past Overwhelm When Starting Your Own Business

3 Steps To Get Past Overwhelme when starting your own business


Starting your own business can be a mass of confusion and overwhelm as you start to do new thing that you have never ever done. In your career, you were responsible for one thing and one thing only and whenever anyone asked you to do much more than that, there was an air of resentment unless you were the very conscientious kind.


However, you are now in your own business…


And guess what, you have to do it all. The sales, the marketing, the books, the money, the everything is now your responsibility and it feels a little too overwhelming.


So you dither, and plan and take absolutely no action whatsoever and wonder why nothing seems to be moving forward. Or worse you start to think that you are not cut out for this business malarkey and you start to look longingly at work again. The devil you know always seems so much better than the one you don’t.


And yet, really – the devil you know came with a whole lot of dissatisfaction, and general desperation as you watched the time tick away from you.


All those dreams of travel and adventure and freedom being whiled away in a career you no longer wanted to be doing. (Just taking a moment to remind you of what you are running from.)


OK, so how can you combat the overwhelm?


  1. Get clear about what you want

    There was a reminder of what you did not want a paragraph ago, now, remind yourself what you do want.

  2. Make a list of all the things you could do to get it.

    Yes, take the time to write a list of things that could get you to your rainbow’s edge – get it all out of your head and onto paper or your computer screen. There is something really cool about seeing what you want to do, it helps to clarify the mess of ideas lurking around your brain and you might even uncover a million dollar idea if you get really clear.

  3. Pick one and do it.

    I know, this plan seems so simple. It might even seem far too easy to work in your particular brand of overwhelm but this is how you keep moving forward. You cannot leave so much room for overthinking because it gets in the way of you doing the work. And the longer you delay doing the work, the farther away you get from reaching your goals.

The Work always works. So get into action as soon as possible and leave the overthinking and overwhelm for another day when you are creating the income you want in your business

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