21 ideas off the top of my head to get your business or idea going quickly when you have no spare money at all.

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21 days to make money now, no spare moneyA few weeks ago, someone in the Deliberate Millionaire Fast track group asked for ideas of how to move forward when you have no money. She felt stumped and overwhelmed and fed up… I am sure you may have felt that way at times, I certainly have.

And yet, everyone has to start somewhere, right? And that somewhere may be where you do not have that much cash to splurge on all kinds of stuff so what can you do? Wait until all the signs seem to point at ‘GO’ or just get going anyway?

You know what I choose.

Some of these ideas, you will look at and think – ‘I can’t do that’ then it is time to get deliberate and make your next question be ‘WHY?’ because whatever you give as an answer is part of the reason you are stuck on a treadmill going nowhere.

I always say to clients – you either use your money or you use your time… Which will it be?

OK, here goes… These ideas were linked to a weight loss product/service but take that out and insert your idea, product or service and decide which ones you will use immediately.

  1. Announce on Facebook that you have started your business and how excited you are about it. Then, ask if anyone knows anyone that you can help

  2. Do a quick video, put up a Facebook group or page and share it then add all your friends to it asking for their feedback and also ask them to add any of their friends who may be interested

  3. Think through everyone you know who has talked about your product/service and send them a private message telling them how you could potentially help and again, asking for referrals

  4. Do an event at your home so people can listen to you talk about what you are up to and give them a cuppa and make it a social evening – Ultimately, enlist everyone you know to help you whether it is with a sob story or something about how you could really do with their help :-D. Do a Facebook event and invite them all that way.

  5. Tell people the exact detail of how your product or service helped you or someone else you know (case study) – Exactly what you did either in a short video or a quick report and offer it to everyone in the group that you have invited every one you know to.

  6. Find a free room in my local area where I can hold a talk about weight loss miracles and go round all my local supermarkets and newsagents and put up signs of a community event where all proceeds go to a charity of my choice – I found a free room right in the centre of Birmingham before in a pub – That was pretty cool!

  7. Do a competition telling everyone that the person who works with you and gets the most weight loss in the 90 day period gets __________

  8. Go on to Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter and start following people and then ask them to come join your Facebook group

  9. Make everyone you know a marketer for you by telling them that they will get £25 for every person who signs up to work with you on this 90 day program beginning on such and such a date.

  10. Do a test run with a friend or two for the testimonials and get them on video telling the world how excellent you are. But maybe a shorter one as you do not want to have wait the 90 days – How can you help people in a week?

  11. Blog every freaking day with a call to action every freaking day – Promote your writing everywhere… EVERYWHERE!

  12. Send a press release to every station, newspaper you can find about how your business has just started and how simple it can be to lose 3 stone in 3 months with the right help – Call up editors after you have sent it to make sure they have got it and ask if you need to tweak it in some way.

  13. Send a blog post to local bloggers or even to online magazines or online anything and list it everywhere you can. Particularly if you can get someone with a following to interview you or to post your article to their blog.

  14. Start commenting on people’s blogs like in Netmums or anywhere your people may be hanging out and point them to your latest blog post or answer questions with a blog post and point them to where it is – Be careful with that or else the moderators will just think you are selling which you are but desperate times, desperate measures 😀

  15. Realise that desperation does not sell, it puts people off and also you feel stuck in fear and anxiety so your creativity disappears. Be at peace, you are looked after. Breath slowly, deeply and then let new ideas flow out of you and implement, implement, implement.

  16. Approach local groups and ask if you can do talks to their people

  17. Invite people to a Google hangout or use meeting burner which allows up to 10 people onto a webinar for free (this means of course, you can sell it with urgency and scarcity as there are literally only 10 spots available) – Do an online talk on how to easily lose 3 stone in 3 months…

  18. Go into your local town centre with leaflets printed or written out at home and invite people to a talk in the free room you found

  19. Ask friends to host a talk for you

  20. Use LinkedIn as well as Facebook for the group and do exactly the same as above.

  21. Start a YouTube Channel and do regular videos, tag them and promote everywhere you can think of. Invite people to join your channel.

  22. Start lead generating by using a free online survey on surveymonkey – Ask a question or two about people’s hugest challenge and then ask for their email address. Send people to the survey and start manually emailing people until you can afford an automated solution like aweber or getresponse or mail chimp.

  23. Collate your daily posts into a book – Add more content to them to make the book unique and design a cover using canva.com and upload to Amaon as an eBook – Take advantage of their marketplace as well.

OK, there is 23 you can start right now with absolutely no money… I must admit, I have ended this post a few times and suddenly thought of a new idea and added it on. There is always a way to begin, if you will just let go of the excuses and determine to get the result, come rain, shine, snow, sleet or hail :-D.

We live in an incredible age where social media gives us access to a few billion people – We are blessed indeed but we forget this. Yes, it will take some time to get traction but hey, if you do not start then you will never ever get there. Start somewhere, take a few of these ideas and just do the work.

No more overthinking, no more second-guessing – Begin and tweak as you go.

So, tell me, would you like this kind of bum-kicking to be part of your day? Are you actually ready to stop talking about it and start taking action and start building a business, a life on your own terms? Then work with me for 49 days on the Business Hero Bootcamp and let us make stuff happen now.

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