Depending on who you listen to, 21 days is about the right amount of time to establish a new habit.  So, here are 21 challenges to take on for 21 days of accelerated progress to business and life success.

Don’t attempt every single one of these, just pick out 2 or 3 that you commit to doing each day and see the difference it starts to make to your life.

1.Get rid of something that does not empower you each day

There are things in your life that make you feel bad and you have settled into having them because you think you have to.  Maybe, it is arelationship that brings a lot of stress, maybe it is a piece of clothing that you know no longer fits but you hold onto it even though it makes you feel bad when yuo wear it, maybe it is a daily task in your business that you want to find a virtual assistant for but you are worried about the cost and so you keep spending your time doing it.

Make a list of things you no longer want in your life and  pick something to discard.

2. Cook something new each day

It is so easy to get trapped eating the same meals each day and it gets boring and passive.  Challenge yourself, stir up your creativity, get a new cookbook and try something new for yourself and your family each day.

3. Keep a Journal and write in it daily

Get into the habit of self-reflection at a time when you are most alert.  Keep a Journal, write out your thoughts, and the significant happenings of the day.  Keep a living record of your life, leave it as a legacy to yoru children.

4. Write out your goals daily

Too many people walk through life with only vague ideas of what they want to make happen.  Get into the habit of writing out your very specific goals daily in your journal and therefore keep them at the top of your mind.

5. Write out gratitudes daily

Get into the habit of thinking of things that are going well in your life.  Write out things you are grateful for on a daily basis.  This will become an instant mood enhancer when you get into the habit of doing this.

6. Put on your activewear and get moving at least 20 minutes a day

Care for your body because without health, you cannot accomplish any of your goals.  Get yourself a Jillian Michaels DVD and get to work moving, moving, moving or take yourself off to a dance class or a gym.

7. Invest in a car university

Buy yourself an audible membership or go over to Nightingale-Conant and grab yourself some mp3s to listen to on all those commuting journeys or in any downtime.  Keep your brain sharp and listen to new ways of thinking of things.

8. Have a conversation with someone new every day

Expand your circle of acquantances.  People are very interesting and have a different take on life from you.  Take the time to chat to someone you hardly ever speak to or someone you have never met.  Find out more about them

9. Start putting money aside towards something that you want to do

Money needs a home.  Instead of dreaming always of what you want and how you cannot afford it yet, start taking an active stance.  Put a little bit of money into a separate account each week for a specific goal.  You will certainly get there faster than just talking about it.

10. Forgive someone in your life that deserves it

Sometimes, rifts are formed as egos and arguments erupt.  Take a clear look at your relationships – Do you need to forgive someone so that you can be free to move forward.  Do it for your sake.

11. Distance yourself from a relationship that hinders you

Though yuo love all people, you do not have to deliberately put yourself in a disempowering environment because of a false sense of loyalty.  Some people are best loved from afar.  Stop working so hard to keep a relationship that is stifling you.

12. Get into the habit of planning your day the night before.

Take a few moments each evening to plan the next day so that yuo start each day with a lot more certainty. I personally have a ‘daily musts’ list so maybe you need that so that when you wake up, you do not just go with the flow, you create a powerful day everyday.

13. Pick one of your goals and work on it for half an hour each day

Some of your goals may seem too big and you wonder if you will ever get there.  Well, take it one little chunk at a time.  Make a commitment to do something towards it for half an hour each day.

14. Watch Less Television Each Day.

Let’s get specific. Reduce the amount of TV you watch by 30 to 60 minutes each day.  How can yuo do this?

15.  Read a chapter of a great book for 30-60 minutes a day

Lose one habit, gain another one instead.  Expand your imagination, your creativity by engrossing yrouself in great books, rather than watching teh imagination of someone else on the TV while it gradually diminishes your own imagination.

16. Pay attention and BE HERE NOW

Make a conscious decision to be in each moment of your life.  Too many people rush through life, trying to reach their goals without paying any attention to each day.  Don’t be those people.  Enjoy the journey while getting to yoru goals.

17. Spend more time being positive than negative

It is tough to completely cut out any and all negativity but start daily to pay attention to what is going on within your brain.  Positive thinking will make you more open to new opportunities than negative thinking.  You are more likely to notice good ideas when you are more positive minded.  So work on it for 21 days.

18. Make a decision to be nice to everyone

Regardless of what the people you come in contact with are like, you can make a choice to be nice anyway.  Do that for 21 days and see how you feel abotu life.  This does not mean allow people to take advantage of you – That is not being nice, that is being a doormat – NOT AT ALL the same thing!

19. Do something selfless each day

Maybe volunteer at a local charity or your church/spiritual organisation.  Maybe give money to that homeless person for no other reason other than you choose to.  Do it on your terms – again, we are not going for doormat!  We are going for powerful creator of your life.

20. Use Affirming Words

If you have nothing good to say, SAY NOTHING!  For the next 21 days, make a point of only letting empowering and affirming words to leave your lips – both to and about yourself as well as, others.

21. Tell your partner and Kids that you love them EACH DAY!

Too many people do not speak love enough.  They just assume that their loved ones know but sometimes, it is great to hear it.  IN fact, a WHOLE LOT OF THE TIME, it is great to hear it.  BE someone who speaks love to your loved ones.  Let there be never any doubt that you love them.

OK, which of these 21 ideas are you going to implement?  Tell me in the comments.

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