20 Week Life Upgrade Program

Tell Me...

  • Do you feel frustrated that you are still here at this point in your life?  
  • Whether in business or a career or even a parent at home, do you know that you are here to make a difference, if you could just get your life together?  
  • Do you know you are born for more and have you been trying to manifest that 'more'?  
  • Are you committed to, and actively doing, something about your personal, spiritual and income growth, even if it feels like it ain't working?  
  • Do you believe that you can be more prosperous in your relationships, health and wealth? Is there a voice inside saying ‘there must be more’?  
  • Do others try to tell you that you are doing okay and that you should be content when you KNOW there is soooo much more for you?
  • Are you somewhat connected to the Divine but struggling to feel the fullness of this connection? (I have no preference on your religion or even if you have one. I just want to know that you believe in something bigger than you, regardless of what you call that something)  
  •  Are you fed up of waking up feeling tired and low level depressed?  
  • Are you done with blaming the world for your problems and you are now ready to actually face them head on and get healed so that you can live an opulent lifestyle?  
  • Are you done with using the sad sorry excuses of * no money * no time * too scared * nothing ever works for me * wrong skin colour * wrong country * wrong childhood * bad parents as a reason not to actually play full out on your life?  
  • Have you invested in books, eBooks, courses, conferences etc and now you long for the personal touch but you are not quite ready to part with THOUSANDS of dollars to get private mentoring/coaching, for whatever reason?  
  • And finally does the word ‘OPULENCE’ excite you?!


I am so excited to have you here and if you answered ‘yes’ to most, if not all the questions up there, then I have something pretty awesome for you!  




I am expecting you to manifest at least a $1k in the first 28 days of this 20 week Life Upgrade program... LITERALLY!

When I put these prosperity principles to the test, I came into over $1500 in the first week

And then, random money miracles kept appearing

Even £300 was randomly found lying around the house - My daughter found it in her room while tidying up - Where it came from??? - WHO KNOWS

And that does not include the client and business money miracles

And losing of over 14 pounds in body weight bringing me to a healthier size

And ever deepening love between my hubby and I

And SOOOOOO much more

Money is not supposed to be hard or complicated or a struggle so you will start the program learning how to manifest it from expected and unexpected places.


Join me, honey, for a 40 day deep dive spiritual journey...  

🔴 A journey to reconnect in a more powerful way with Source/God/Universe - This is where you get wisdom, love, comfort, power. As you reconnect even more powerfully with your higher power, you remember more completely that you are created powerful, created to win, created to speak things into existence. You have heard of the law of attraction, well, there ain’t gonna be no attraction happening without this divine intimacy.  

🔴 A journey through forgiveness - You need to be clear, completely CLEAR on the inside because honey, if not, someone or something is pulling your strings and you may not even know it. You are tied to them in ways that keep you in lack, unable to create fulfilling relationships and unable to live a purposeful life because your every move, whether you realise it or not is being controlled by THEM or IT! You must be free!  

🔴 A journey away from shame, guilt, blame, fear - all the things that keep you away from your prosperous life. If you feel these emotions, your time, energy, power is LITERALLY STOLEN FROM YOU as you do things to appease these emotions, spend time with people who drain your energy and ultimately DO NOTHING to design the life you want. 

🔴 A journey back to trust - Trusting yourself, trusting your higher power, trusting others when it is right to do so, trusting your calling - You have forgotten that you are capable of your calling and the crazy amazing time is this, we are entering an era where those who truly choose to pursue their purpose will find themselves head and shoulders ahead of the curve because the world is increasingly getting automated and people are losing the mundane jobs that they did not even want to do. Well, it is time to trust the call on your life 

🔴 A journey past mental and emotional blocks and triggers - Do you even realise that you are being triggered all the time and that those triggers are keeping you in an endless loop - repeating the same patterns again and again. You are born to walk a fulfilled path, a freedom road - It is time to get past the nonsense, look to see what needs to heal and do the inner work to make it so. You need support for this. I wish I could tell you that you can do this alone but how is it working out of you to try that? Be real and go after the life you really want. 

🔴 A journey to transcend the pain of the past - It is time to realise that you are not really as stuck as you think. It is just that the pain overshadows you and in some ways, you have gotten so used to living with the pain that you do not realise how much it stifles you. How much it has you in its grasp, keeping you feeling confused and unclear. It is time to learn to live above the pain and then be able to heal the pain when it does not hold you so tightly within its grasp 

🔴 A journey to remember your power, your divine nature, your purpose - Life is not happening to you. You are creating it but we need to get a lot more deliberate about creating it - this is hard to do when all you have ever known is people around you feeling like victims of circumstance and all you have ever been conditioned to think is that you need to wait for some help from on high. It is time to remember your creative abilities as you own your purpose, your true nature. 

🔴 A journey to bring that purpose to life, living out of it, creating abundance through it - We will also cover how to soar while living out the purpose on your life. Yes, you will gain clarity on what it is and then you will learn strategies for putting you and your thing out into the marketplace. Building a side hustle that allows you full expression of our gifts and then moving on into a full blown life that only includes living out the call on your life and monetising it. Learn how to handle money and attract it more easily than ever before!  

IT IS TIME TO TRANSITION to a place of wholeness, prosperity, peace and purpose

So that is week 5 - 12

And after Transition comes...


🔴 Money Making Module 1 – The Distinctiveness of You The major mistake people make when choosing their ideal client How to attract the right clients who are going to make your life a joy rather than a slog. Discovering Your Purpose How You Most Want To Make A Difference Getting Focused & Choosing Your Path Allowing Yourself To Do Things Your Way Asking Help From Someone Bigger Than You  

🔴 Money Making Module 2 - Social Media That Makes You Money Social Media is such an opportunity to build a super huge platform and yet it can be the bane of your life if you do not get in the right mindset about it. Each day, learn about a new platform - I will be adding any new platforms that now seem to working Decide which ones work for you Get out there and own your celebrity self!  

🔴 Money Making Module 3 – Capturing Their Attention How to get their attention now Clarifying their biggest pain and doing something quick about it Deciding what format to do it in Getting it done... An easier way to get it done that may work better for you... Getting people to thank you and knowing that you are making a difference even as you build your business  

🔴 Money Making Module 4 – Setting Up Your Customer Gathering Funnel What on earth is a sales funnel and why do you want one? Each day, a simple thing to do that will propel you forward. And also, a super easy way to get it done once you understand what needs to be done It is time to get automated and let sales start coming to you whether you are awake or asleep.  

🔴 Money Making Module 5 – Getting More Eyeballs on Your Offers Search Advertising That Works Making Connections That Deliver Leads How To Create Facebook Ads that Sell A Facebook Sales Formula That Delivers Buying Leads Everyday  

🔴 Money Making Module 6 – Speaking & Writing To Sell The power of you unleashed on the world Why it is important to show up (if you did not get it yet!) Online, Offline - It all counts Setting up an online talks Setting up offline talks Structuring a talk in a way that compels your peeps to buy from you. A new way of thinking about your words Setting up your blog Delivering your message & getting people to respond Templates for blog posts Template for sales letters How frequently do people want to hear from you? How long does your message need to be. Let's tie it all together


BONUS Module – Choosing your Product or service &/Or Adding Profits To Your Current Bottomline With New Offers The various business models that are available to you for a freedom-based business - Just in case you are uncertain about what path to follow exactly...  

If you are in ministry or want to get it started then I am adding a section for you too!  

Getting Your Message Out in A Way That Suits You  

Figuring out what ideas will work and what will just not  

Getting over the procrastination that has been hounding you for ages so you can just get on with it!

Get that self-belief to a whole new high & Again, just get on with it  


Lets be honest...

You have done programs before...

You have read books and tried to stay on track...


And it will not be enough now


And that is what sets this program apart from any other program out there...

The weekly empowerment calls

And the livestreams whenever you need one.

This program is set up to keep you accountable and clear and to give you personalised answers because I speak to you personally on the calls and in the livestreams.

And the community you will be part of in the incubator is too amazing and empowering for words...

We got your back!



Are you ready to redesign and upgrade your whole life?

TAKE THE 20 WEEK LIFE UPGRADE PROGRAM & Unlock The Door To Prosperity In All Areas Now! 


🔴 Everyone starts with the Deliberate Life Design Step By Step 20 Week Plan as above - Discover how to deliberately design a life of fulilment, freedom, abundance, prosperity, opulence and happiness.  

🔴 20 Empowerment Calls - Jump On the Phone with Rosemary Nonny Knight, The Prosperity Minister, live each week and get clear, refocused and charging forward towards your goals. Expect any blocks to be spotted and eliminated, allowing you to move forward freely into your destiny. THERE IS NO OTHER MASTERMIND that offers this personal attention at this investment level anywhere. Move heaven and earth to be on these calls which will be held at different times to accommodate an international audience. Deliberately Commit to at least 10 calls in your initial 20 week period.  

🔴 Questions Answered Daily in the 24/7 Private Incubator - New powerful relationships forged as you connect with other leaders choosing to breakthrough. RNK is present personally each business day, either in a livestream or to answer questions and respond personally to every #DailyCheckIn - This is your accountability statement each day as you choose to delierately design your life - All is explained when you come inside the Incubator.

🔴 BONUS - 100+ 'Live Life Deliberately’ Videos - All designed to immerse you in a more opulent way of being, thinking, acting. Listen on repeat as you go through your day and be inspired, start making decisions from an elevated place and see what happens in your business, career and life

🔴 BONUS - 20+ Deliberate Life Application programs covering mindset, marketing, confidence, business, spiritual and personal growth (See Below for details of this bonus)

🔴 BONUS - Daily Divine Downloads - Every business day, hear from the Divine with a word that speaks directly to your heart. Use it as the basis of your daily quiet time, use it to elevate your mind and spirit, use these divinely inspired words for total life transformation  

🔴 BONUS - 100+ Daily business growth checklists available within the private group to use to elevate your business  

🔴 BONUS - 30+ Deliberate Life Empowerment Call Recordings Available To listen into as soon as you join the incubator. Again, immerse, immerse, immerse yourself in a new way of thinking, being, acting and you will not recognize yourself in just 20 weeks of deliberate immersion. 

Play Full Out & You Can Expect Miracles In Your 5 Months Living Life Deliberately.

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