2013 – A whole New Year

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Happy New Year!  Everyone!!!

Wow!  Can you believe it is already a new year.  When I was young, one week took at least three years and now One year seems to take place in one week!New Year 2013

A slight exaggeration, no doubt but I am sure you know what I mean.  Remember those long school terms especially if, like me, you were stuck in a not-so-fancy boarding school in Africa and you really, really missed home.  I am sure visiting days were once each month but it really felt like aeons before I saw my family each month and we were sneakily being fed jollof rice in the back of the car.  (For some reason, parents were not allowed to bring cooked food for their children to eat on these visiting days)

Of course, going home for the midterm break flew by so rapidly, it almost never happenned! Anyway, I started to enjoy school round about the 5th year so by the time I left in the 6th year, I really missed it :-D.  Yes I was a bit of a late bloomer, really.

So… Happy New year again!!How was it for you? The celebration, I mean.  Did you take time off?  I certainly did as you may have noticed from the lack of musings from me over the last fortnight or so.  I was determined to have a break but there is a limit to how much of a break you can get when you choose to house people so I was on call for that but most tenants seem to be enjoying their holiday too, thankfully 🙂 .

New Year Resolutions

Do you make resolutions?  I always do.

I wish I could honestly say I always stick to them but alas, no…

However, come each new year, I start afresh again to attempt to tie myself down to new ideals for the coming year.  And this year is no exception.  I love spending time reflecting on the past year and figuring out what I have taken from it and what I hope to achieve the following year.

This last year has been an exciting, scary, exhilarating, petrifying year really. From car accidents to car wins, from tenant defaults to house number increases, from juggling mothering, home educating, property management, pharmacy work and more, it truly has been amazing.  I have certainly done things this last year, I would not have thought possible.  Because regardless of what you may think, I can be a bit of a wimp at times.  However, I have chosen to step right out of my comfort zone with a whole lot of prayers for help and things are certainly starting to look a lot different.

new1year 2013Am I where I want to be yet?  Definitely not!  I wonder if I ever will be.  I am one of those who always extends the goal post but then I look back and realise just how blessed I am.

But my main resolution this year is …

  1. To learn to be at peace inside

That is a biggie for me and it impacts quite a lot of my life.  I lead a very busy life as I attempt to start and build a business while home-educating and rearing three pretty young children.  Anyone who has young ones will recognise just how tough life can be.  However, all of this is manageable as long as I can get my internal chatter under control.  You know that voice inside that keeps telling you how incapable you really are, that voice that keeps you awake at night worrying about this and that.  This tends to lead to a very harried Mum in Business at times.

The truth is, reality is never ever as bad as the imagined worst case scenario.  So… why spend time worrying about it.

So my goal for the year is to learn to be at peace inside and to shut down the crazy voice and replace it with the deeper inner voice that knows life is amazing and that I am blessed.  I want to live out of that.

Resolution For the Blog in this new year

You may know that I love to sing and in the pursuit of business success, I have not had time to pursue singing as much as I would like so my next task is to record a song whether it sounds great or not and put it on the blog for your listening pleasure 😀 .  That should be fun for you!

Also, I want to interview ladies in business and put that on the blog too.  No, I am not just looking for the superstars, just the everyday woman pushing forward in her dreams and desires for her life.  It is all about the journey!

Do you know anyone I should get in touch with?  It will probably be audio interviews over Skype or a chat over a coffee.

Anyway, All the best in the this new Year – 2013.

As always, I love to hear from you here or on Facebook or on twitter.

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