What if you needed to come up with 20 new ways to promote your business, to find your ideal clients – What would you do?

This was the challenge set out to me by my coach when I was just beginning. And it felt tough to do!

Tough because we all get stuck in our ways of doing things and it feels too hard to think of another way to do them, tough because my brain always tends towards the weird and wonderful instead of seeing the simple ideas right in front of me.

What if it is not a trick question and everything that pops into mind is actually something that I can do to build my business but I keep thinking it is too simple and of course, it cannot work! Right?!

And so then, I keep thinking that building business has to be tough, has to be hard, has to make me bleed instead of just doing what is right in front of me to do.

And so because it is tough, hard and full of blood, I do nothing. I think I am unable to build a successful business; I stay stuck in doubt and fear instead of just moving forward.

We can be our own worst enemy most of the time. We turn simple things into complex things – We look for answers in the heavens when the answers are right next to us here on the earth. We make everything seem super complicated when really it is just plain simple.

Why do we do that?

Why do we feel we must make it hard?

Is it because we do not actually want to do the work?

What are we scared of?

Here is to keeping everything simple… Here is to doing whatever pops into mind, unpolished, imperfect though it may be.

Here is to just allowing ourselves to succeed…

And now, go brainstorm 20 simple ways to grow your business – NOTHING IS TOO SIMPLE – Just write it all out…

Here’s mine

1. Ask or pay someone to send out emails to their list promoting me.

2. Do more livestreams, low-cost masterclasses and webinars

3. Do more physical talks

4. Attend more conventions, exhibitions and make connections

5. Join appropriate Facebook groups and help the people in the group

6. Comment on blogs by other people who serve the people I want to meet

7. Write more articles for distribution all over the internet

8. Run free mini workshops offline

9. Create More basic level programs that will help people move forward in business and life

10. Convert my blog posts into short eBooks for 99p on Amazon and tap into that audience

11. Run a competition for people who want to grow their business

12. Go to more networking events and speak to more people to make more friends

13. Partner with people who serve my audience and do a mini event

14. Connect with more people on LinkedIn and ask if I can help them grow their business

15. Do more videos and put everywhere – YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, My Blog, Everywhere I can think of.

16. Do a guest blog post each and every week

17. Create another lead magnet that would be of great value to the people in my world

18. Cold call businesses

19. Do more Direct Mail – Buy a mailing list and send out a 3 part series of letters

20. Make sure my about page on my website & on Facebook tells people what I do and how to connect with me.

21. Directly message people who show interest in what I am up to

What could you do?

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Much Amazing Love

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