We like to complicate things…

To look under rocks for hidden strategies that other successful people are keeping from us…

But life was designed to be simpler than that

If we would stop looking so hard for the catch, we just might realise it.

So, to help you and I, out (I always find that I am writing as much to myself as I am writing to you and in fact, at times when I re-read my own past blogs – the ones where I am being completely real, rather than the ones where I was filtering the words to suit whatever I thought the world wanted from me that day – I find myself weeping with the truth as it ministers to my heart again)

SO… to get back on point…

To help you and I, out, Can I tell you 2 simple things, so simple that you will want to whack me upside the head for taking this long to say them…



Yes, that is all…

That is everything…

No nothing else needed…

And yet, I feel I must expand a little but you can stop reading right here because really, REALLY that is all you need to know to live an amazing life.

However, if like me, you are looking for more meat then…


Personally, I do not know how you will know what you want without that deep spiritual connection to your higher power, universe, whatever.  We have all been so conditioned to think that we want what the masses want that we forget our true design.

Getting back in touch with Source will help with that

Have a spiritual practice that you PRACTISE daily

Start the day with it.

Mine includes reading inspirational books, praying, affirming, journaling, running in the dark in the kitchen while doing all the above, except journalling (yep, I am weird and I have not figured out how to run and write at the same time, in the dark ?) etc

Journaling for me is a 2 way conversation between Papa (Source) and I and I ask questions like ‘What am I here to do?” “What is the best thing for me to do next?”

I expect to receive responses and I do.

It keeps me clear.

I do a lot of lamentation in this space when things are not going to plan and I am reminded in this space that everything is working out for my good and so I am comforted and I keep moving forward.

Ultimately, whatever works for you – GET CLEAR ON WHAT YOU WANT.  There is no mercenary thing so do not worry about that.  And while thinking of the material things you want, seek out your purpose, your calling – the stuff that will give all the material things meaning.

And commit to living life to your true design


OK, so as you are getting clearer on what you want (please remember perfect clarity is not required!), take action, any action – JUST GET MOVING!

Yes, do it in the general direction of the things you want but ANY action is better than NO action.


It is easier to change the direction of a moving vehicle than it is to move a still, with the brakes on, one.

It might feel like you are driving through a fog and you may feel slow and sluggish as you move because you are simply not sure that you are on the right path but guess what?! It is not all on you.

YOU can trust that Source/Universe is also working on your behalf to bring you clarity as well as the results you desire.  I find this stuff hard to write about because I know lots want to think it is all on themselves and themselves alone and it is to some extent.  After all, if you choose to do nothing at all, you can expect to get nothing so you do control your life.

However, there is an intuitive nudge that comes to those on the move and most successful people will tell you about following their gut.  That is what I am talking about.  Yes, it is down to you to move and yes, you are mighty powerful – I never want to downplay that!

But an amazing life goes beyond working your socks off to make just money – I mean some people work their socks off their whole life and are still just over broke.


No Magic.

You KNOW I don’t believe in sitting around waiting for magic bullets but I do believe you become magical when you are on the move (uncertain though you may feel) and you are correcting course as you listen and respond to that intuitive nudge.

At some points, you will be called to clear your internal emotions so that the fog clears a bit around you…

Other times, it will be to work with that mentor or the other…

Other times, it will be to speak to that person, go to that place, read that book…

Something will light up on your mind to do and I would exhort you strongly to respond.

And at the same time, keep clarifying what you want, keep up with the spiritual practice and keep asking who you are and what you want.

And keep taking the action that occurs to you to take.

And then one day, you look up and life is even more amazing than what you originally imagined.

And simply because you



Simple, right?!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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