For so long, I was focused on one side of the equation of making money…

The physical side.

Here I am, a spiritual person since I can remember, always longing for that intimate connection with the Divine (Papa)…

I had read through the Bible at 7 or so, seeking, hungry, searching for that powerful connection with Papa

Listening to the preachers from the front, not understanding most of it but knowing there was something more to life than just what I could see…

And yet, when it came to being an adult and making my way in the ‘real’ world, I put all that to one side, responded to the fear that I would not be taken serious if I mentioned my spirituality and also, I SOOOOOO did not want to be taken to be one of those wishy-washy spiritual types who seems to have absolutely no connection with the ‘real’ world!

I thought it was all on me.

And to a certain extent, I gotta move my awesome arse but for people like you and I, who know there is something more to life than what meets the eye, we cannot put our spiritual side on the shelf without it adversely affecting what we allow ourselves to receive.

And so, there is the other side…

The side that some think is only relevant for those times when they are in their religious organisation or during some spiritual activity.

the ‘MAGIC’ side…

This is the side that I now realise that most religious organisations touch on but do not know how to teach people to avail themselves of, unless they are in some religious ministry and even then, spiritual people struggle financially because of this lack of relevant teaching.

And yep, it is the ‘MAGIC’ side!

It makes all the physical work you do, come alive…

It multiplies your efforts and also, it assures you that it is not all on you because as you tap into this Divine unlimited supply, you realise that your supply is not from your business or career but from Source and there is simply no end to the supply when you tap in.

The only thing that limits your supply is YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS of it.

So, as I said, 2 sides to making money

I call them




Both lead to wealth, success and fulfilment in the running of a calling-driven, soulcentric business.

In the action phase, particularly if you are running an online business then you need to…


This means telling people what you are about.  Blog posts, videos, social media updates, images, articles for other people, advertising and sharing everything you have created.

Actively building an audience by connecting with people in groups online, going networking offline, giving talks on or offline.  Actively inviting an audience on and offline.  People interested in you and your offerings.  They may not be ready to buy immediately but you start impacting them now.  Even your marketing can change lives.


As you start to garner interest in what you are up to, you also need to build a page/ group AND mailing list.  Give people an incentive of some sort to sign up.  Ultimately, you want to take them deeper into your world.  You go into their world via communication and then you invite the ones who are most inerested in what you offer to come into your world.  In marketing speak, it is called a lead magnet – the incentive you use to get them to give you some of their details so that you can follow up with them.  Understand that just because you are giving it away for free, does not mean everyone will jump on it.  You have to sell even the free stuff.  And again, it does not need to be a scary thing – EVEN YOUR SELLING AND MARKETING CAN HELP PEOPLE.


Now comes the relentless follow up and if you are in my world, you KNOW what I mean.  I am there in your inbox daily, sometimes numerous times a day, inviting, inviting, inviting.  Why? I BELIEVE STRONGLY in what I have.  When I think about people not having what I have, it makes me weep and I do not mean that figuratively.  I am VERY PASSIONATE about Project 334k – Financial independence, freedom, fulfilment, ABUNDANCE for EVERY SINGLE ONE of the people I am called to.  And I know I have the goods and the only way I know to get past complacency is PERSISTENCE!  and so, I am persistent.  You will buy from me and therefore ELEVATE your life or you will leave the community.  You are in or out.  I choose to ensure I do my bit to help you make a choice.

Do you believe that much in what you have?  Will you get over your fear and self-doubt because you love your people that much or even more?  Every day, I choose love over fear – Will you do the same and tell people about your thing repeatedly?  Will you tap into the Divine and ask for wisdom and then ACT on it, without delay?  Great!


So that is the physical stuff that needs doing.  The ‘ACTION’ part and from Monday, I am renewing BUSINESS HERO BOOTCAMP with the members of the Deliberate Success Incubator – Will you join in and for 7 weeks learn the nitty gritty of taking a business to the next level?  Find out more and join in now at

Now for clarity…

This is an area that most in this community downplay…

they try to pretend they have faith and trust

But live as though it is all on them…

Working, working, working their fingers to the bone and still not quite getting where they want to be…

And all because they are scared of facing the darkness inside

And also because they have been deceived into thinking that just because you claim a faith or spiritual practice then that should be enough to cut through a life of ‘interesting’ experiences that taught you that life was hard and you were here to struggle.

Needless to say, it is not enough…

And if you are anything like me, it will take hitting rockbottom a few times before you realise that the Divine has been trying to get through to you for a while.

And that it can be easier.

Clarity is about having an intimate connection with the Divine

Clarity is about knowing you are one with unlimited supply

Clarity is about knowing how to pull that supply into your very present and physical now

Clarity is also about knowing your calling and purpose and choosing to live to it, rather than do what you think will make you money even though it kills your soul.

Clarity is also about being clear from the past and all the self-doubt and fear you carry as a result of the past.

Clarity is about BECOMING who you are created to be so that you feel fulfilled, rather than as though you are off-track.

And once you learn how, being clear becomes easy, tapping into the unlimited supply becomes easy which, in turn makes life easy and then all the effort you put in the action part is accelerated.

As I said, Clarity PLUS Action leads to Wealth, Success, Fulfilment

To begin your journey to clarity, let me teach you some simple prosperity principles that work to get you a result in 7 days – Join me for the SIMPLE 7 DAY MANIFEST-A-PROSPERITY-MIRACLE EXPERIMENT.  I completely believe prosperity is your divine heritage, your divine birthright and I can show you a few simple things to do to experience it for yourself.  I invite you to the experiment.  I recorded a webinar with all the details in it and you can access that for free at

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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