Everyday, you will either allow yourself to be made to feel small, just a number in the crowd, insignificant or you will remember that you are created in the image AND likeness of the Divine and what you think, who you are, what you are here to do on this planet, matters.

Which will you allow to rule the day?


If you do not get clear on what you want out of life, then someone else will tell you what to want and you will go along with it and wonder why on earth you feel so dead inside. Yes, I know because I experienced the passive life and it is horrid.  If you are going to live a life of significance, if you are going to achieve financial independence on your terms then honey, you best decide what those terms really are.


And, to follow on from the last point, it is your choice whether you settle or not.  Lots of people tell themselves all kinds of nonsensical things about how they need to settle for less than what they want.  That is the passive life.  If you want ANYTHING, whether it be the greatest love story on the planet, money doing what you love, to build a well in deepest darkest Africa/Asia, to be fit, trim and sexy then you are going to have to refuse to settle and just go get it.  And do what it takes until it takes.  Will you?  I did say that the deliberate life is not for wimps!


It kinda goes without saying that you cannot quit. EVER!  Creating the vision you have for your life could take a long time or a short time but what else are you doing?  Walking around with that low-level depression that most people are so used to that they do not even realise that it is there anymore?!

The time will pass anyway  – You may as well commit to building a life you ABSOLUTELY ADORE! – The Deliberate Life!


Most people live at a level of happiness that is less than zero but because most people feel like that, everyone just takes it as normal.  WE ARE NOT EVERYONE!

Some people would even tell you that the pursuit of happiness is frivolous and pointless and so they give themselves an out.  I used to be that person, actually.  I used to think it was weak to see being happy as necessary to a good life.  I even had a theology around it.  How CRAY CRAY!  And one result of that belief would have been for me to remain an unhappy pharmacist for the rest of my life, because you cannot expect to love your work, can you?

WHAT NONSENSE!  Stop buying into the nonsense and follow your bliss.  PLEASE!  The world’s evolution is dependent on people waking up and living to their true design, not some forced-upon-you design that you now think you have to settle and try to be happy with.  The Divine does not demand that you walk around feeling kinda glum and telling yourself that this is some holy path – That is just you refusing to do what it takes to live a happy life.  STOP IT!


Everything that stops you from living out your real life, IS AN EXCUSE and I do mean everything.  There is no good reason for not taking action every day to live a life of abundance, fulfilment, freedom – PROSPERITY IN ALL AREAS.  I know your reasons sound great and possibly even legitimate as you compare yourself to the regular people around you.  And I suppose if you want to just live regular then YES, you get to keep your reasons.  If you want more, then you gotta be more and EXCUSES ARE DISALLOWED!

There is always a way around whatever reason you have – ALWAYS.  But you only find it when you commit to designing life to your true design.


Religious rules, family rules, regular-people rules – If they hold you back then THEY NEED TO GO!  You have to make up your own way of doing things.

And you need to realise that whatever rules you are living life to currently, were made up by someone just like you and who made them the ruler over you.  How can they know you and what you desire more than you do?  Time to get deliberate about questioning EVERYTHING that holds you back!


You gotta stop thinking that just because it has not happened before for you or even for people you know, that it can NEVER happen for you!  That is nonsensical.

You also gotta stop putting the brakes on you because once upon a time, you burnt out or got stressed out or broke down or had a panic attack – OF COURSE YOU DID BEFORE – you were living to a false design, trying to be like regular people.  NOW, you have chosen to remember who you are and live to your true design, right?  Yes, you may get tired but you deliberately choose to go to sleep or rest for a bit, NOT QUIT!


In order to break free of the shackles that living life on this planet will have placed on you, you need to be connected to something outside the realms of time and space.  Call it what you will but there is a power all around and within us that is bigger than us and as you choose to connect to that, you start to see things a whole lot differently.  YOU NEED THAT!  You need to live beyond your current experience.

But please do not be one of those people with no discipline – Talking about how you do not know what to do to move forward and how you do not know how to connect with your Source but then refusing to put a PRACTICE IN PLACE DAILY!  Get deliberate about this connection.

LEARN A SPIRITUAL PRACTICE that feels great to you and do it DAILY with the intent of elevating your mind/spirit/soul beyond your current experience.


There is thinking…

And there is OVERthinking.

Thinking can be good as long as it is partnered or should I say, preceded by intuitive guidance.

Overthinking is a waste of time.  You know what to do and now you are thinking of reasons why you cannot or how to make it perfect or whatever.  STOP IT!  Move!


You will fail from time to time.  So what?  As long as you keep going, it is just a learning experience.  And let me let you into a secret, if you really want to live a wide open space life, you will ‘fail’ more times than you win.  Again, so what?!  You dust yourself off and you keep moving forward.  The win, when it comes, will be too incredibly amazing and all the past failures will be worth it for you to be the person that actually holds on to the win.  Not just having some successful blip that your character is not even ready for.


Yep, there will be days when the darkness threatens to overtake you.  You feel like you cannot cope and you just do not have it in you to carry on pushing forward.  YOU CAN and DO not let the darkness win.  You are capable of your calling so know that it is just temporary.  Surround yourself with other people that are pushing forward and you will see that you are not unusual in feeling YUKKY at times but it is not the end.  It is just a blip in the context of your whole life.

Also, too many regular people fear facing the internal darkness that can take you off path.  People do not want to handle their issues and they keep telling themselves that they are not there.  I used to be those people.  I would call the cleaning and clearing work that I do now ALL THE TIME, a white man’s disease (sorry to all for my past crazy racist ways!)  I would tell myself that only the weak had issues that held them back and I refused to see just how held back I really was, how fearful I was, how I kept holding myself back from doing anything that would cause my internal darkness to rise up and overwhelm me.  My internal nonsense controlled me but I thought I was ok.  How silly!

I hope you are not doing that too.  It is time to admit it, face it so that you can clear it, heal and live all of  life prosperously


I know this should go without saying but I see too many people, including spiritual people, thinking that change will come as they sit on their awesome arses doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to bring forth change.  They expect someone to come and save them, some magic bullet from the heavens to be unleashed once they have prayed, begged, pleaded and possibly affirmed enough.

It is not that these people are averse to hard work – OH NO, I am not speaking to THOSE people.  I am talking to peeps like me. I used to work hard ON THE WRONG STUFF! I worked hard to be a pharmacist, even though I knew I did not want to be a pharmacist.  I worked hard at my career and trying to be really good at it, thinking that ONE DAY, I would then get to do what I really wanted to do and so I begged and pleaded with the heavens while working hard to stay still.  HOW CRAZY!

I started and stopped businesses because I got scared and honestly, was way too comfortable in my pharmacist job and having worked my butt off to get out of my childhood and become a pharmacist, I was petrified of going back to the struggle.

So begging and pleading continued as I hoped for a magic bullet to come save the day and somehow, I would one day wake up and be living life, doing work that I loved without me having to change anything.

Needless to say, it did not work. All that happened was that I self-sabotaged.  People like me cannot stay on the wrong path and it is simply wise to stop fighting yourself and get on the right path for you.  I have learnt this the hard way too many times.

DO THE REAL WORK, will ya?


And to carry on from the last point, stop looking outside of you for a magic bullet or even a saviour.  You are the magic.

Stop saying the government should do this or that.  Stop thinking anyone else OTHER THAN YOU is capable of bringing about change.

BE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE or stop complaining about it and settle into being a regular person.

You are called with a specific calling to bring certain change to the world.  You may be called to go into these places of influence (government, education, media, entertainment, healthcare etc) to change things in the various realms – Do not shirk that responsibility.  You carry the ability to make it so.  Yep, it may be scary but you can do it.  Just commit.

You may not be called into these places but you are STILL called to be your very best self and that will bring about the change you are here to cause so GET TO BEING MAGICAL as you live to your true design boldly.


Stop asking why things are harder for you.  They are not.

Stop reliving your sad story unless you are choosing to heal it.

Stop using anything as a reason to stay stuck in place


You are more powerful than you realise.  Instead of asking ‘why me?’, ask ‘What will it take for me to _____?”, “What is my best next step?”

THEN ACT On what you hear.


Let me be real with you as to why it is imperative that you live the DELIBERATE LIFE.

Someone, possibly lots of someones, need you to be all of you.  It will be the catalyst for change for them.  You also could be carrying the answer to world needs and your fear gets in the way of all of our evolution.

The life partner for you could be out there waiting for you to show up and now, you both miss out on what could have been something incredibly amazing because you allowed pain from the past to determine your future.

If you do not take care of yourself and your body and you die before your time, what great thing will the world miss out on?  You think you do not matter but you do!

And for you, do you really want to walk through life feeling as though nothing you do matters.  Just surviving?

When you could live abundantly in all areas?

Your choice, of course.  No one will force you but really, is that all you want?


SO what?! you move anyway, based on what you know right now.  And that is also where your intuition comes in and that daily spiritual practice will help.  Stop thinking that you will ge to some level of clarity when you always feel sure.  Someday, you will feel deluded and crazy for thinking that your big dreams can come true.  So what?! Act as though you KNOW they will.

Because they will, if you…


Set yourself free from all old ideas.

Drop false loyalty

Drop dogma that stifles

Allow yourself to be free, fulfilled, abundant

Because you want to.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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