You will always want more, you know?

No point fighting it.

No point pretending you can settle for less…

No point giving into the blues about not having everything yet…

All you need to do is accept that you want everything, you can have everything and then simply do whatever bubbles up inside of you until all that you desire next becomes a reality for you.

It is easy to make it all seem so complicated…

To make it all mean you are not good enough, holy enough…

To make it mean you are selfish that you want everything…

But you don’t have to give into that massmind conditioned thinking.  YOu are a divine being, created in the image of the GREAT, HUGE BEYOND CONTEMPLATION, SOURCE OF ALL THAT IS! Of course you want more, more, MORE!

You want it all and deep inside of you is a feeling that you are the only thing getting in your own way.

And you no longer want to live to the lines that others draw for you! or even to your own lines!

You want to be free, completely free to have all that you desire, to be all that you desire, to DO all that you desire – to live an exciting life of adventure and you can have that but you simply have to stop believing the nonsense you have been fed since you were born, of how small, insignificant you are.

You are important.

Your opinion matters but you know what, it has to matter to you first!

It has to matter to you enough to get it out there, to start acting on it, to start speaking it to others…

Some may think you are somewhat deluded because they are still so caught up living within the lines.  The lines created by others who wanted to control people – Are you done with living in those lines?

The Divine whispers to you that you are born for more…

Everything within you is confirming a message that you keep trying to stifle, to reduce – WHY DO THIS TO YOURSELF?

Why not just simply take the limits off?

What do you think would happen if you really started to live outside the normal lines…

What would happen if you really truly did what you see yourself in your mind’s eye, doing?

What if you just said all the things you have been holding back on saying?

What if you did avoid the crazy people who make you feel small and manipulated?

What if you just went after everything you want without all the holdback and limits?

You know that you are born to be powerful, to succeed, to win, to be more!

So, do it, simply do it all!

Connect to Source and follow the nudges – It can be that simple!

Add on a clear request for every single thing you want and hey, presto, everything you do will start to take you in that direction.

Why not trust that if it bubbles up within you to do then you can do it?

Why not just take the limits off what is possible for you?!

The Divine will not force you to live outside the lines…

The Divine will not make you live boldly, bravely…

But the moment you make the decision to be this person who is unlimited, you will be imbued with incredible strength to do it.  You will know that you are stronger than you even thought.

OH wow, I see my clients doing more and more and more things that they thought they could not do when they started working with me…

Their lives expand, they learn to dance with fear, they learn to hear directly from the Divine, they learn to act fast…

It is amazing to see them become more like the Divine!


It is your turn, honey!

Your turn to dial up your brightness and shine, shine, SHINE!

Take the limits off and go after EVERYTHING!

You don’t want this limited life anyway!

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Start now to leave behind the pain and limiting ideas of the past.

Start now to rise victorious in your TRUE DESIGN life.

It is time to take back control over your money, your relationships and your own awesome mind.

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Much Amazing Love

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