Why are you obeying rules that don’t suit you anyway?


They are not working for you so why the heck are you following them?


Your religious rules of what you are allowed to say and do?


Be honest…  Are they working?


Or are you just obeying the rules some person told you would work…


And you are hoping, praying, begging, pleading that one day they will work for you…






Do they even feel good? Do you feel connected to Source? Do you feel on the narrow path?




Then why the heck do you obey that nonsense?


Let’s talk about your business…


Your presence in the world…


The place where you can do your great work…


What rules are you obeying there?


What marketing systems are you desperately trying to make work?


So desperately that you have stopped listening into YOU…


Stopped paying attention to the quiet wise voice of your intuition…


It is so crazy in your head with all the fear…


So now you take foundational information and make it a rule, instead of seeing it as just the beginning and adding your special brand of ‘Donald Trump Craziness’ to the mix…


Does it feel good to do it the way you are doing it now?


Does it feel right?


Then just release it…


Allow yourself to BE YOURSELF!


And I get that you may say to yourself that it does not have to feel good…


After all, Rosemary, you talk about doing the work…


I just have to do the work…


Who cares what it feels like?


Yes and no.


The work can feel good…


The work MUST feel great…


Or else how on earth do you expect to do it for the long haul!


That is the point here – that you get to do work that makes you come alive…


that your whole life is something you are excited to wake up to!


Why would you settle for anything less than that when you are created in the image of God!


What?!  Do you think that Spirit is doing his work feeling put upon?


And you are created in the image of God so why do you think your life is supposed to be full of obeying some random rules that you don’t believe in?


And what of them relationships where you feel you have to make everyone happy and say ‘YES’ when really you want to say ‘NO’?!


How is that working out for you?


You happy yet?


You feeling loved up yet?




Feeling resentful and angry and more broke because you keep loaning money you don’t have and giving away your time when you could be doing your fun work?!




Then why?




Leader, there is your GREAT work to do!!!


Why not freaking do it?


Why not do the work you are born to do?


And forget the rules you don’t even believe in yourself?!


Com’on now!




Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live


Because you want to!


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