You want to get ahead, right?  Then there are a few things you absolutely must stop doing to yourself.

  1. Stop comparing yourself to others

You are you, and they are they!  It really is that simple and all that time that you spend comparing yourself (usually unfavourably) to other people is time that you are not recognizing and using your own strengths.

You be your best and leave others alone.

2. Stop focusing on all the things you do not have

How does that help anything?  If you want something, deliberately choose to do the work to get it.  By focusing on the things you don’t have, you create a feeling of dissatisfaction and also, you tend to attract more of what you focus on.  Instead, focus on what you DO have and attract more of what you want.

3. Stop waiting for a saviour

You have everything you need to get what you want out of life.  Your creator has bestowed every single gift that you need for your journey on this planet.  You just need to tap into it and stop waiting for someone to do it all for you.  Yes, work with a coach to bring out the best in you  but realise that it is down to you to do the work of rescuing yourself.  You are powerful enough!

4. Stop doubting yourself

Learn to trust yourself again.  You know what is best for you but for the longest time, you have stopped trusting your intuition.  Begin again.  Your best ideas are stored within but you keep questioning and over-thinking them out of existence.

5. Stop holding grudges

It is time for you to be free from the past and all that others may have done to you.  Your life is now being put on hold while you remain upset and angry with someone who possibly does not even care about what they did to you.  Let it go and step into a more wealth, free life.

6. Stop defending yourself and your decisions

You have nothing to prove to anyone.  People who love you will not need you to do it and people who do not love you, will not care to believe you no matter what you say.  Prove things with your actions but know you do not even have to do that.

7. Stop hanging around with people who bring you down

OK, so everyone has moments in life when they feel down, they get sick, something terrible happens etc and yes, at times like that, you may want to be with these people to support them through it.  However, there is a different category of people who just bring you down for no good reason  they are sad and so therefore you must be too.  At some point, you must see that you get to choose where you spend most of your time and it certainly does not have to be with someone who makes you feel terrible.  Be picky about where you spend your time.

8. Stop ignoring your own needs

You might think that it is moral and selfless for you to ignore your needs in favour of others but honey, a weak person cannot help someone else.  You need to be strengthened and you can only do that when you pay attention to your own needs.  It is so much more wholesome to support people from a position of strength so focus on you for a season and strengthen yourself, OK?

9. Stop hiding who you are

In business, in life, everything works so much better when you are yourself, rather than trying hard to be someone you are not.  Be courageous enough to know that who you are is GREAT and unique and has something cool to being to the table.  When you hide yourself, it leads to an unnecessary amount of stress as you try to maintain the lie of who you think you have to be.  You also find yourself surrounded by people you do not even like much because they are attracted to the facade you have put on.  Be you, Attract your true people.  Enjoy your life!

10. Stop living to everyone else’s agenda

Learn how to say ‘NO’ and not feel guilty about it.  If you find it really hard not to give in to other people’s requests, then at least start by buying yourself some time to make a decision as to whether you really want to do it or whether it is a knee jerk reactionary ‘YES’.

Never say yes automatically, buy time and then come back with a response and if anyone tries to rush you, say ‘NO!’

11. Stop waiting for life to be fair

Your definition of ‘fair’ will always be different from other people’s definition so get over it and see life for what it is.  Play the game and get the rewards.  Life is not fair, life is just life.

12. Stop feeling guilty about everything

Guilt helps nothing.  Even if you did do something wrong, you are best off asking for forgiveness and practically, solving the problem rather than allowing guilt to fester inside.  It helps nothing and most of the time, it is completely unwarranted because it is a response to your unnecessarily high standards for yourself.

Let guilt go.  Be free.

13. Stop giving disempowering meanings to events

An event is an event – Usually, except in the most obvious situations, it means nothing until you make it mean something.  And if you make it mean something that makes you feel bad, then you stifle yourself, your creativity and you find yourself stuck.  For example – Let’s think about rain – To some people, rain is horrid and it spoils all plans and it is just unpleasant.  To some people, rain means their crops will grow, a bigger harvest, more money.

Every event is just an event.  The meaning you give it can help or hinder you.  Choose a meaning that helps you.  In business, in life, the meaning you give events will affect the results you allow yourself to get so be wise about those meanings and if you find yourself trapped in unhelpful meanings all the time, work with a coach to help you see a different outlook.

14. Stop giving up too soon

So many people ALMOST reach their goal and then give up the fight – Do not let that be you!  Do not let that BE YOU!  There are so many great things available to you if you will just persevere, even when it seems as though nothing is changing.  Have you hear the tale about being 3 feet from gold?  Google it.  Do not leave your result at the finish line.  The unfortunate truth is that we never know just how close we are to the breakthrough.  Will you stay on path?

15. Stop feeling sorry for yourself

The ‘POM’s (poor-old-me’s) do you no favours.  They make you a victim and victims do not win. Everything that happens to you has the potential to get you to a better place but when you wallow in the POMs, you lose out on the benefit that could have been yours.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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