You may or may not realise this but you have been conditioned to think poor…

To think lack…

To think that it is bad to be rich…

And so, of course, it is a struggle to create abundant wealth.

You ask me about how to grow your business…

You ask me about how to get more clients, more customers, more recruits…

I tell you what to do and then you smile, you agree with me but you do not do it because you have all these excuses and reasons why you cannot do it and you do not realise that it all comes from a poverty consciousness.

You are so trapped in it that you now even think that it is the norm.

In some ways, it is not your fault, we have all been programmed to think poor, to think dependency, to think that rich people are bad, to think that the government or the rich people should save everyone, to settle in a ‘safe, secure’ job so that someone else can take all the risk and you can just get paid each and every month like clockwork.

We live in a world where the productive are made to feel guilty and also they are made to fund the unproductive…

You hear terms like ‘give back’ and it sounds so noble but how can someone who has created wealth for so many others because they took risks and worked their butt off, need to give anything back?

While others were moaning and whining about the difficulty of life, most of the wealthy were working their socks off to create solutions that helped lots of people and then, on top of that, they get to ‘give back’?!


The masses smile when the ‘rich’ are taxed more, it makes them feel ‘right’ but I ask you, Is it any wonder that people walk through life half asleep?  Why would anyone care enough to use their creativity when they know that they will be penalized for putting the effort in?

Why bother working hard when you can get money for doing absolutely NOTHING because the government will look after you… Assuming, of course, you are blessed enough to live in a developed country.

And if you live in a non-developed one, you may find yourself giving into the despair all around you…

You may watch your TV screen or jump on the internet and see how others live in other parts of the world and you may allow yourself to give into a sense of entitlement where you think they SHOULD give you stuff just because they have it and you don’t…


When will you really start to question all of this?

I suppose, you could think and live like the norms, if you like…

I suppose, you can give up your self-esteem & your sense of purpose, if you like…

But you know what?!


And so, if you continue to allow the nonsense to affect your brain after this very moment, then it is your fault because you are a deliberate, thinking individual, aren’t you?

You have a brain and you use it for such a lot of things but when it comes to creating wealth for you and yours, it is far too infected by NONSENSE and you are not questioning yourself enough!

It is free, thinking people who make a difference and make a fortune.

By free, I mean free of care about the opinions of norms who are living an average existence, who then take it upon themselves to tell you why you should give up your grand ideas and live just like they live.  What nonsense!

Why do you buy into that?


And recognise that it does not make you bad or evil or wrong…

And also recognise that nothing stops you making it happen except that you have not made it happen!

If you want it, be willing to do what it takes to actually make it happen.

For example, you want to attract more clients or customers so that your business starts to generate a healthy income for you –

  • Get to work building an audience of prospects.

  • Use everything at your disposal to make it work – Social media, paid advertising, business networking, whatever!

  • Then tell them what you have on offer.

  • Tell them and tell them in many different ways and do not get emotional about the lack of initial response.  Instead ask yourself empowering questions like – How can I position myself and my products better to get the desired result of people buying my stuff?

  • And then, implement whatever ideas come to mind.

  • Be part of a mastermind group where you can ask empowering questions and get real responses that support you in your goals.

  • Recognize the importance of this because you are currently surrounded by ‘norms’ who do not understand why you do the things you do so do not expect them to give you answers on your business or dreams.  I mean, they are not living theirs!  Why do you expect them to be able to tell you how to live yours?

  • Deliberately put yourself in a community of people who are creating their dream businesses and lives.

What if you are building a network marketing business?  Do you have to go the same way as everyone before you? Cold list, warm list – I mean it does work… finally but really, why not also take advantage of more modern ways of growing an international business?

You can choose to do things the new way – Use social media to build an audience for your product and then tell them the next step and every so often tell them about the opportunity as well and watch as things start to build out because you consistently DO THE WORK!

You have the power to change the direction of your life, you know?

I don’t care where you started from, you can choose to break out of all that nonsensical victim-y thinking and get to work creating the life you actually want.

No one stops you except you!


It is time to fight for ( and it is a massive fight against what you have believed, to date), to create the life, the business you want.

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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