It is okay to want whatever you want.

Do you realise that?

You do not have to couch it in good-sounding words…

You do not have to become holier-than-thou to get whatever you want…

It is not selfish to want what you want.

There is just no need to attach any emotional baggage to what you want.

You can just want it.

And then you can decide to do the work to actually get it.

No need to hold back yourself from creating it because you think you are not allowed to want what you want…

That is such middle class thinking.

BE done with it.

You can want whatever you want and everyone else on the planet can also want whatever they want.

You can go about creating what you want and they too can go about creating whatever they want…

You do not get to tell people how to live their own life and no one else gets to tell you how to live your life or at least, you certainly do not have to listen to anyone unless you choose to.

You can simply want what you want, get clear about what it is and get to work creating it.

How simple life would get if you just realised how easy and straightforward it can be.

The thing is that you taint everything with thinking about whether God wants you to have what you want…

You ask whether it is possible for you to get what you want because you do not feel up to the task and no one you know has ever got what they wanted, they all just settled for whatever they get and so you assume that this has to be your story as well.

You think that there are limits to what is available and so you allow yourself to feel guilty about wanting what you want and think that you should settle for less because somehow that leaves more for other people on the planet.

That is not true, honey!  Everyone on the planet can have what they want but you are making a judgement that they all want exactly the same thing as you.

Just a thought, maybe they don’t!

And even if they did, if they were willing to do the work to get what they wanted then they too could have it all.

Whichever way, what anyone else wants has nothing to do with you.




It is that simple.

Yes, the work you do will mean that you provide a need that other people have in some way…

And that is where your inherent gifts, talents, desires come into play because you can use all those natural bents as well as learnt skills and strengths to supply the needs of other people in exchange for whatever you want.

IN the case of creating a lot of financial success which one of the things that you want, if you are my people, then you will provide a product, a service, an opportunity for others and they will pay you for that and you will create wealth.

There is no need to get all emotional about it.

All you do is find out what people want by building an audience of people who like what you are about and provide them with what they want enough times so that you get what you want.

Just do that.

Focus on satisfying the needs and wants of as many people as possible because the more people you help, the more money you make.

Again, it is that simple.

You do this long enough, you get rich.

You do this long enough, you change many people’s lives.

It does not need to be an emotional thing.

It just is, what it is!

You want what you want.

You help others get what they want and so, in return you get what you want.

It is the law of compensation at work and it does not need you to start attaching meaning and emotional baggage to it because it will work for or against you, dependent on YOU!

Release yourself from the need to analyse your desires…

To give them a label of wrong or right.

You want what you want.


Do the work to get it.


Live life deliberately

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Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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