We are so blessed that we get to live in such privileged times…


And for the most part, it has come too easy and so we forget…

We take it for granted …

And we are blessed that we can even take it for granted!

And I am no different from anyone reading this…

I forget…

I forget and I start to pretend that I do not have the freedoms I have!

I forget that I live in a day and age where most people on the planet are connected – It has never been easier to build a successful business.

I can impact the whole world from the comfort of my bed as I broadcast messages even in my pajamas!  There has never been a better time to change lives and I am blessed to live in this time!

It is time to write out that list of gratitudes again, to remember just how blessed I am, just how privileged I am, just how perfect this time is for me to be born.

And it is time to make sure that I no longer allow fear, indifference, complacency to stop me from moving forward!



And all I need to do is work with the blessings and strengths and gifts that I have been given because if I will stay on the path, if I will be faithful to the calling within me, if I just keep putting myself out there, it is inevitable that everything I want is ABSOLUTELY coming to me!

And yes, it is the same for you!

And no, this is not some guilt fest or anything silly like that!


It is a recognition that YOU ARE A WINNER and you have everything designed for you to win and so, all you have to do is be yourself boldly, bravely, without apology and claim the life, the business that you really want.

I have said it before and I will say it again – You being poor or doing just about okay, is not useful to anyone, including yourself.  There is a whole world to experience and there is a whole world to impact, why settle for just living a small life!

You are gifted to change the world!

And you have all the technical capability to make it so!

All you need to do, is enhance your strengths and make them into superpowers by actually using them each and every day!

If you find it easy to talk, then start speaking and calling in your people, use that strength to build an audience!  And improve that strength by deliberately using it each and every day!

If you like to write and you have dreamt about putting words to a page for all your life, then get to work doing that, no more waiting for the perfect time, THIS IS THE PERFECT TIME and the only way you get better at writing, is by writing something every single day and putting it out in the world

Build an audience using your words!

And as you build the audience, figure out how to monetize it.

Some people have the hugest audiences in the world but then you hear them moaning that they are unable to make money from it as though it is not just an unwillingness to face fears and ASK FOR A SALE!

Do not be these people!

As you build that audience, immediately start to figure out what they will buy and offer it them.

Get them used to the fact that you are not a charity and you do this to impact your life as well as that of the world and ask them to donate, to buy, to show their loyalty in some way.

You create products, if that is your particular gifting…

You provide a service that is useful to your audience…

You invite them to be part of your business opportunity, if you know that it will help them reach their own financial or other goals…

Do not be afraid to ask for the sale as you continually put yourself out there in the world and you continually grow your audience, one person at a time.

The workman does deserve his pay so be of value to the marketplace AND ASK THEM TO BUY!

No wealth is created until you ask for it! And honey, whether you ask or not, someone is creating wealth on your efforts – IT may even just be the provider of the platform but whenever you expend energy to put your gifts out in the world, someone is creating wealth – and it may as well be you as you deliberately ask for it.

We live in privileged times – It literally is the best time to be alive!

It is time to stop listening to the negativity all around us and instead, look up and tune into the bigger picture…

You are a creator and you can design the life you want!

And at the start of your journey of discovery of your own power, you are climbing steps in the dark, it may feel like you cannot see the next step, you cannot keep moving forward against the forces that seek to push you down or pull you back and so, you have to deliberately keep putting the next foot on the next step…

But as you keep putting that foot on the next step, you start to break through to the next level where it all seems easier, you can suddenly see what you are stepping for…

It seems within reach as you keep putting one foot on the next step and you break through the fog of negativity and doubt…

And you keep stepping up because now you see there is always a next level, you feel so much clearer inside and it is easier to keep taking that next step.  There is joy in the journey because you learn that you can create whatever you want and it becomes more fun as you go higher up and higher up…

And you love life and you cannot help but share the truths you discover as you keep stepping and you attract even more of an audience as you own your power…

Because they too want to own their own and so you change lives just by choosing to live your life to the full.

I started this by reminding you to be grateful and I remind you again that we live in privileged times, if you are able to read this then you are BLESSED indeed!

Own your power, keep taking the next step, build that audience and ASK THEM TO BUY from you.

Create wealth being who you are!

And start now!

Have fun with this one life you have, because you are blessed to be able to!

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want!

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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