I still remember getting started in my property business and making that commitment to actually get results this time, rather than just dabble and pretend to do things.

The truth was, that I was way too comfortable in my ‘not so great’ life. It looked good to most people looking in but they did not know the despair, the depression and the absolute knowledge that I was created to do a lot more than be comfortable.

Maybe, this holds true for you as well. You have dabbled at various businesses trying to find the work that you know you are called to do.

But you seem unable to stay on path because the lure of your current circumstances is too high. You are a professional, you have the income to show for it, you are doing some things and overall, you are only vaguely dissatisfied.

You worked hard to get here and you are wary of upsetting the balance of things. And deep down inside, you wonder if you have what it takes to live a life fully on your terms, after all, you have so many responsibilities and lots of people depend on you staying in place and supporting them.

Yes, you are capable and determined and you keep wishing you could just be satisfied with things the way they are.

But you know that you are not. And you are ready to tentatively start taking steps towards change. And this is the thing – You do know what you are called to do but you do not think it will ever pay the bills for you…

And so you do that in your spare time. You tell yourself that you must be practical and so you continue with your boring existence. What a pity!

Think through this 4 step process like I did and see what comes up for you.

First, I had to figure out what I wanted – So, for me, I wanted to stay home with my 3 princesses and home educate them.  I was fed up of the 60- 80 hours a week day job as a pharmacist and though I was broke, I just did not want to go back to it.  I had watched my mum working all the hours God sent as a result of a car accident that left my dad paralysed from his neck down and unable to work, and though I am so thankful for her efforts and I definitely would not be the person that I am without her, I knew I wanted to watch my kids grow. And I also knew that I did not want them to struggle either.

And so, I knew I wanted an income but I also wanted that income to be generated from home.

So then I had to decide what I was willing to exchange for it – Usually the big choices are time, money and your identity to date.  I had to choose no longer to identify as a pharmacist which was a pretty cushy job title.

I chose to invest over £10k of my money in order to be part of a mastermind group and learn all I needed to know to grow my business in the shortest possible time, and finally I did have to use a LOT OF MY TIME because I had no spare cash to pay someone else to do the work for me.

And even now, I invest my money in coaching because I am determined to be all that I can be in this one life that I have. So therefore, I do not allow myself to make excuses about what I can or cannot do. I am held accountable to being productive, not just busy, each and every day. Who does that for you?

Third, I had to determine my priorities – yes I wanted to be the best parent and partner on the planet and at the same time, I wanted a business that gave me time freedom to be my best.  I had to figure out a way to do both and it meant everything else took a back seat for a while while I ramped the business up.  I was no longer available for every play date out there, I could not always do things when people wanted me to do them.  I discovered the power of the word ‘NO’ and I also learnt to understand that my dreams, my goals were important too. But in order for me to live the life I dreamt of, I would have to CHOOSE TO DO IT!

My calling, my purpose would not just drop in my lap. I had to deliberately make it a priority.

I set my own agenda based around things that were important to me – My partner, my princesses, my business.  Some peeps did not understand it but hey ho, I was on a mission.

And finally, I got to work.  I generated leads very manually and then learned how to automate things, I went and spoke to clients, hid my princesses in the car so people took me serious, I cried at times when people let me down in terms of child care, I faced fears and I did whatever it took to build that business and within 18 months, I had won a Porsche Boxster, left Pharmacy, and created financial freedom.

As I always say, the work always works.

The problem most people have is a lack of consistency in doing the work and a lack of sufficient amounts of work to get the results they want in a reasonable time span!

So tell me, how can you apply these four steps to your life and business?

It is time to fight for, to create the life and the business you want.

PS – If you want TRUE SUCCESS – one where you impact a lot of people and change a lot of lives, one where you create wealth in abundance and one where you have the freedom to do more of the things you actually like doing?

And yet you KNOW that you are not taking all the action you need to take to get results?

I created this for you…

The DM Platinum Massive Action Intensive.

A 4 week private (one on one) intensive that will get you into massive action that gets you results in your life and business now.

As I said, you are already a successful person but for whatever reason, when it comes to things that really matter to you…

You shy away!

You allow other people’s agenda to overly impact yours and though, you do a few small things here and there to make a little progress…

You get the feeling that you could be more, do more, and have a helluva lot more but you just cannot seem to take the action on a consistent basis to make stuff happen.

Well, here is a private invitation to you…

Work with me, for 4 weeks, just you and I, and let’s get this handled.

What is the outcome of this 4 week intensive?

  1. Become THE alpha version of yourself that you absolutely know you are capable of being so that you create with absolute determination the life and the business you desire.
  2. Revamp completely your beliefs about what is possible for you.
  3. Leave knowing what exactly you need to do and how EXACTLY to do it so you start immediately creating the life and the business you actually want.


And to break it down even further, we will work together to

  1. Create complete clarity over the next 3 years – Get clear on what you really want, what you have to do to create it and who you need to be to 

it all happen.
  2. Turn that into shorter term goals so that you know exactly what you need to do each month, each week, each day.  Ditch the overwhelm and just do the real work that gets results 

and also do it in the time you have. You are busy already – this plan needs to fit in with life, right?
  3. Create a focused daily plan that will include your daily ‘musts’ that absolutely must be done each day.  This will allow you to eliminate the uncertainty you sometimes experience when you consider all of your options.  You will KNOW exactly what you MUST do – and then Every thing else you do will just be a bonus that moves you forward even faster.
  4. You

will wake up happier each day because you will KNOW you are on purpose…
  5. You will feel so much more energetic because a purpose driven life fires you up like nothing else can
  6. You will find it easier to get into action because you will build your business and life on your strengths – things you are already gifted with.
  7. Your habits will start to be replaced with more wealth attracting ones
  8. The way you think and talk about yourself will change because you will be literally astounded by what you are capable of once you get started.
  9. You will be a nicer person because you will instigate proper boundaries to protect your own time and build your own dreams.  You will probably find that you have more time as a result of some of the changes we work on together and can therefore be more present with the important people in your life.
  10. You will be a better role model for your children and anyone who looks up to you because they will see you living out your purpose, rather than settling for your default life.
  11. You will stop sabotaging yourself with poor thinking that hinders you.
  12. You will be even closer to your higher power as you tap more into the wisdom that is always available to you
  13. Your business (new or established) will grow as we implement and/or improve your lead generating machine with the support of Core Genius ‘Automation Sales Funnel’ Specialist.
  14. You will implement new strategies to find even more customers, clients, recruits to your business, both off and online
  15. You will Create offers that make people excited to buy from you and creates a buzz around you and your business
  16. You will Create an automated email sequence that makes sales and generates incredible engagement with your prospects.
  17. You will build a business in a way that feels good to you inside and out so that you are able to happily do what it takes to ramp it up.

How is it all delivered?

  • 4 one-on-one strategy sessions with me – Private mentoring at its finest as we put the building blocks of your business together.
  • 1 Session with the Core Genius’ in-house Automation Sales Funnel Specialist so that your website, sales funnel is set up appropriately.
  • 4 Training modules delivered weekly covering the high level strategy work we will be doing together over this 4 week period.
  • Unlimited private access to me via private messages and even the occasional bonus call so that you can brainstorm, ask any questions that come up, get feedback on the work you are doing and also to help you get unstuck if you start to feel overwhelmed.
  • Optional – 2 months free entry to the Deliberate Millionaire Fast track group to link up with other entrepreneur leaders – This is a community that can change the way you see life and do business forever.  You will love being part of this active, engaged group.


What is the investment?

  • Working with me privately, at the moment is $1200 a month but for people who choose to join the program this month, (and refuse to use Christmas as an excuse to put their life and business on hold any longer) I am offering a heavy discount and the investment is $750 – There are only 4 spots left.

Interested? send me a private message with the answer to the following questions

  1. What is your business (current or about to start)
  2. What do you want to make happen in the next 6 months ?
  3. What do you feel may be preventing this from happening?
  4. Are you willing and able to invest TIME, MONEY and ENERGY in creating a life and business you want?

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