You are not listening, are you?

You are still out there looking for some super quick, super fancy, absolutely magical solution that will definitely, SO DEFINITELY make you a millionaire in two seconds flat!

So what, if that super, whiz-bang thing is taking an incredibly long time to figure out…

So what that every single time you think you have found the answer, you discover that you really have not!

So what, that all you seem to be doing is running from this super, whiz-bang solution to the next and yet, still nothing, NOTHING seems to change with your situation.

You are still stuck…

You are still looking for some answer that never quite stands up to scrutiny…

And still, no one out in the marketplace knows what you are about and so, no real people are buying anything from you.

You think you need all these things – the beautiful website, the glorious logo, the super-exciting business cards, the letterhead so your letters (who even reads those these days!) look just amazing and then, oh yes, THEN you will start to make an impact.

Except, it has not worked.

And no matter how many courses you do…

No matter how many secret strategies you listen in to and learn…

No matter how much time you allocate to finding the magic thing that will work…

It just has not worked.


And you are not making any money.


Not yours, not your family’s and definitely not any of the people you feel called to serve.

Because you are not showing up!

You are trying to hide behind secret strategies, technical wizardry – these are things that ‘norms’ do and honey, you are not a norm!

I am not a norm and yet, I pretended to be one for the longest time, following one formula and then the next and still not getting where I wanted to go. Yes, I made a little bit of money but almost as soon as I was making the money and loving the fact that I had cracked some code, I started to sabotage myself because I was making the money in a way that was not suited to who I am, as a person…

In a way that did not allow me express the message, the purpose, the calling that was pulling at my heart.

It did make me money but it did not keep my attention and things only work when you are giving them your attention.

And I just could not do it anymore, though I tried.

And then I tried to exit it too fast and got into bed with people I really should not have trusted because I wanted the quick solution and so I then created even more of a mess that I am still trying to clean up and all because I went off the path that I know I am called to live. ( A story for another day!)

All because I was looking for the magic bullet…

And I see you doing that too.

Looking for shortcuts to the big money because yes, you want to make money, you are driven by money but this is the thing, you only get to keep it when you do the thing you are really, truly called to do!

Because you are a leader…

And you cannot stay in place doing things that do not fulfil you – So, honey, it cannot be simply about the money

You are driven by something within you and if you do not fulfil that calling inside, you feel off course and you sabotage yourself.

So all the fancy strategies and the fancy branding in the world will not save you, if you are not sharing the message you are created to share.

That is where all of your wealth will come from, with or without all the fancy markteing strategies that seem like magic bullets that never ever work.

And you simply have to focus!

You have to get clear and get courageous and pretty darned determined to stay on the right path for you…

To be a person who creates wealth doing EXACTLY what you are well designed to do…

On the good days, and the bad days…

When it is working and when it is not…

You have to believe that the life, the business you want is possible for you…

You have to believe that you can make a difference and make a fortune even though right now, it feels like you do not have all the right strategies in place.

And yet, building a business that makes you money is simple – It is about connecting with people who want what you have in as many different ways as you can and asking them to buy.

You connect with those people by sharing from your heart.

You are not some big brand business with no face or individual name…

And no one wants that, anyway.

What they want, is someone who cares about them and who serves them and they will do whatever it takes to work with you.

But you have to believe enough in yourself to ask them to buy from you.

You have to believe enough in yourself and your business to show up daily and tell them again, why you have whatever it is they need.

You, being you, is more than enough and then simply add on telling people how to work with you and yo uwill see the money start to come in and you will be fulfilled in the work that you do.

Are you ready to make stuff happen now?

Are you ready to stop conforming and capitulating as though you have no choice?

Please remember.

  1. Your vision is your permission.
  2. You are capable of your calling.
  3. You are much more powerful than you realise.
  4. Yes you can get everything you want.
  5. You are loved. You are enough. You are worthy. You deserve the very best of everything.


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