So, you are an entrepreneur, an online entrepeneur at that and you spend days and days sitting on your bum, staring at your screen…

So much so that your bum begins to hurt from all that sitting…

You start to worry about bedsores – even though you are not actually in bed (or maybe you are!)

and then you decide to get a little less sedentary because surely, this is not right!

Your get the feeling that your body needs a little more action than it is currently getting and frankly, what is the point of having a whole lot of money if your bod y then breaks down!

Of course, you will then have the money to repair it, you hope!

But what if it really does break down, like REALLY!

And so much so that all the money in the world cannot fix it?!  then what?

And so you decide to get some more exercise but what can you do?

And then you hear about the 10000 steps thing and it sounds good so why not give it a try?

Yes, there are differing opinons on how useful it really is to walk 10000 steps every day but at this point, something is surely better than nothing, right?

Yes, it is!

10000 steps may not be the pinnacle of health and fitness but it is decidedly better than what you are currently doing – NOTHING!

So, how can you get started?

Personally, I have a fitness tracking device called the FitBit Charge – Now, I wish I could tell you that all my walking woes ended the moment I got it but no, I stil actually had to get off my butt and do the work of walking.

But the thing it certainly did for me, was

1.Show me how many steps I was taking a day

And that, in itself, was a little bit scary as I realised just how sedentary I had become as I built my online business empire.

2. Motivate me to keep increasing my steps in small increments

I am not consistently hitting the 10000 steps but what I am doing is gradually getting better and better at doing more steps each day with the intention of getting to 10000 consistently.

3. Get me doing challenges with friends

Oh the shame!  Of being permanently last in these things.  But I am fairly compettitve so the community around the fitbit did enable me to take part in challenges and make a little effort to do more walking each day.  Sometimes, I literally jumped up and ran on the spot but it meant I was not just sitting on my behind, typing, typing away.

4. Make me consider getting a standing desk

I am still in considering mode though.  I used to work as a pharmacist which meant I was always on my feet, I am in no hurry to return to that but at the same time, working some of the time in the standing position will probably help get me into more activity.  And you too!

What do you do to get fitter?

Are you off to the gym or do you do some other thing?

Pop into the comments and tell me what is what!

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