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By September 8, 2011October 17th, 2015Business, Entrepreneur

Well, today has been a very difficult day.

Mostly in my head though, not actually physically. I just had to work hard at defeating my inner voices a whole lot today.  You know, the ones that say “what are you doing?  Of course you cannot do blah blah blah, Just get on with doing what you have always done and forget about changing anything”  Then you get a chilling ache around your heart area and you wonder if you can actually change anything.

Regardless of all of this, I decided to make a few calls, speak to a few estate agents about some properties I am interested in, get ignored by some agents that seem not to want business.   I also went to visit a house that we could potentially move into.  I quite liked this one!  Just have to get the price agreed on.

In order to have a continually working business, cashflow is important so I am thinking of numerous ways to keep raising money to keep things ticking over until that big break :-).  I have been trying to be creative about raising money to do more marketing, buy houses I have found that are at discounted prices etc.  I thought I would share some of the ideas with you.  Come up with some more if you can.

Various ideas include

  1. Going to work more but then what do I do with the babies? Yep, I know I could put them in nursery but I am really reluctant to do that as the reason I am doing this business thing is to have more time with them. Also, it feels a bit like going backwards, rather than forwards in my journey, it really is not, I know but well…
  2. Start up another internet based business to fund my non-internet based business. It is feasible but what would my product be? And how much less sleep do I want? 😀 – A possibility.
  3. Speak to anyone and everyone I know about the deals I am generating and see if anyone one else wants to start a property portfolio and is willing to pay a finder’s fee.  Must get networking!
  4. Knock on doors and ask people to give me their money. I could add a gun to my clothing, it might work better. 😆
  5. Who watched The Apprentice this last season, I could go around and pick up rubbish and sell it on for massive profit. I could do that with the children and a van, couldn’t I?  But the van costs money…
  6. Become a pole dancer… erm maybe not, not sure anyone wants to see my post-baby body apart from the wonderful Tloml. 😯
  7. Do some guesswork and buy some shares and hope for them to mysteriously multiply a hundred times in value. It could happen:???:… but maybe more education needed before doing that.
  8. Write a song that instantaneously goes to number 1 in the charts (It could happen! :roll:) – Actually, I am told singers do not actually get that much of the money they make. The money is in the live performances so we are back to no one wanting to see my post-baby body as all women singers seem to be scantily clad (I better not get into what I think about that, it is a whole other post)
  9. I could busk in the city centre on a really busy day – probably not cost or time effective.  If the babies did some dancing, would we get some pity money?
  10. Do a sponsored walk (as I truly cannot run!) but not sure people want to sponsor my desire to be rich.

Any other ideas?

It’s not enough to be a woman who wants more of life, you have to be a woman who is willing to go out and take it.

 Kim Kiyosaki




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