1. There Is No Certainty

If you are waiting for certainty before you begin going after THAT goal, you will never begin.

2. Your Past Does Not Determine Your Future

Who cares your background, where you live, what mistakes you made or whatever, if you want it badly enough, you can create it.  The relationships, health, wealth and the fulfilling work you crave is yours for the creating.

3. You are more than flesh, blood and bones

You are a divine being, whether you are aware of it or not.  If you persist in just using your hands and following the boring rules of the world to create success, it is very likely you will just burn out and never get ‘THERE’

4. Your personality is not fixed

Stop trying so hard to be considered consistent by others.  Only keep doing or being something if it is getting you what you want. Be willing to change direction unpredictably the moment you realise something is not working for you anymore.

5. No one owes you anything

Stop trying to place blame.  Your parents did the best they could and now you are grown up so time to heal.  The government, your boss or whoever you think should care for you, is also doing the best they can to meet their own goals and it may not include your agenda.  This does not mean become callous but it does mean that you need to take TOTAL responsibility for yourself.

6. Struggle is Optional

Yes, the work always works and there will be things to do to achieve success and prosperity in any area of life but ‘struggle’ is hard work laced with negative emotion.  REMOVE THE NEGATIVE EMOTION!

7. Success Demands Courage

You are going to have to get out of your comfort zone, if you are going to experience more than you have to date.

8. You are as ‘special’ as that successful dude/dudette you admire

Stop looking up to others as though they are somehow more special than you.  they just made different choices.  you can make different choices too.

9. You are the one with all the choices

And to continue, YOU are the one with al the power in your life so what you want to use that power for?  There is always a way to get what you want.  ALWAYS!

10. If you have not failed recently, are you even trying?

Expect to fail at more things than you succeed at.  So what?  When you succeed, the success usually overshadows the failures and you become that overnight success that I just told you not to admire ?

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