So, you want everything to work right now?  And you keep second guessing, doubting, wishing things were different?  the question I have to ask you is how does that help anything?

In fact, does it help at all?

Or does it just take you off-track and next thing you know, you have lost a whole day (A whole YEAR!), wishing, wondering, feeling sorry for yourself and wondering when life will change for you…

It is not that you have not experienced and created success because you have but you did it all on other people’s terms and something inside of you wanted to do it for yourself but now, the reality is a lot tougher than you ever imagined it would be and it is hard to hold on…

It is hard to keep on believing that you have what it takes to create success…

And so honey, here are ten ideas to help you stay on track.

1. You are not alone in this

The thing is, you think you are the only one that feels this way.  You think that you have done something wrong or that you are doing something wrong in the building of your business.

You are not.

It takes as long as it takes and so therefore,…

2. Trust

You have to stop second-guessing, doubting all the time.  It just sets you back and stops you doing the consistent work that will get the result you want.  Everything can work, every system out there that you have spent so long learning has the ability to transform your experience of life and create wealth in your business but because you are not trusting that it will work, you keep chopping and changing things before it gets a chance to work.

3. Be consistent

Pick a way or two that you are going to make work for you and stick with it until it does.  Stop changing things all the time.  It really is all dependent on you staying the course until it works and you stay the course by daily doing the work of promoting you and your business

4. Use your words

People want to connect with a human being and human beings talk.  Logos, brand images, all of that stuff that looks so pretty will not be the reason that people work with you.  they will work with you and buy your stuff because they get to know you and they get to know you through your words.

Stop avoiding the blog posts, the articles, the presentations…

Do them all and do them consistently.  Let people experience you in many, many ways and then they are more likely to buy from you.  And honey, you have more inside of you than you realise…  You will never run out!

5. Enjoy the game

Make building your business a game – A game that you enjoy.  Find ways to get your message out that are fun.  Stop taking it all so seriously as though it is life or death.  It is not.  It can be fun.  Learn what you need to learn about marketing and sales and then focus in on one or two methods of marketing yourself using your strengths.  Challenge yourself to become the best at promoting your business using these methods and just have fun with it.  Why on earth would you build a business in a boring way?  Have you not had enough of that when you were building success in a way that suited everyone else but you?

6. Choose to win on your terms

If you do actually want your business to work in a way that makes you happy and makes it fun, then you must absolutely choose to only do things that you want to do to build your business.  You might think that it is okay to do things in a way you hate at the start in order to work your way up to doing life your way but honey, whatever you do to build the business is what you have to continue to do to keep the business growing.  So get pretty clear about that and if you are currently doing something that you would not do for the rest of your life for free, then STOP!

Change direction and choose to build your business YOUR WAY!  In a way that makes you come alive.  YOU have to choose to win on your terms and stay consistent with it.

7. Know that abundance is your birthright

If you try to build a business thinking that struggle and scarcity are to be expected, you will find it hard-going and tough.  If you believe that there is scarcity and lack, then you will not allow yourself to ask people to buy your stuff and you will not build the business you dream of.

When you realise that abundance is the birthright of everyone on the planet, and you also realise that no one has to lose in order for you to win, that will allow you to ask people to buy from you without thinking you are taking something from them.  You will start to create an abundant life because you will know that it is your right and the right of everyone, to be rich.  YOU being poor, helps NO ONE so get on with creating abundance for you and for yours…

8. No longer live to please anyone

Leading on from the last point, just because ‘norms’ refuse to check their thinking and allow themselves to be wealthy, does not mean that you have to stay stuck down in lack with them.  They may feel all kinds of things about what you are doing to create wealth in your own business but you are not responsible for their thought process – you can only better yours so that you can create abundance for you and yours and your community and possibly the world.

Your role is to serve people in a way that you are best suited to do.  You only serve the people you are called to serve, as well.  Everyone is not your people and trying to make them all your people will tire you out and stop you from doing your best work.  Even Jesus found it hard to do his best work where there were people who refused to see the power that he had.

You are not placed on this earth to please everyone out of a false sense of loyalty. Lead your people into more wealth by being YOUR best self and leave the rest.

9. Be grateful

Whatever you are currently experiencing in the growth of a business and life that you love, learn how to be grateful for the good things in your life and for the good things coming to your life.  As mentioned already, you must operate in trust and you must be aware that abundance is your birthright and as a result of that, you will know that everything you want is coming to you.  Start now to see the great things in your life and also the great things coming to your life.  Keep a gratitude journal and start to notice things to be thankful for and watch your life blossom into something awesome!

Be a person who searches out the good and then goes on to discover more of the good!

10. Connect with leaders like you

We are all surrounded by ‘norms’ who are making nothing happen and they mean well, they may even love you but they want you to relax and come on down to their level.  And what ‘norms’ have on their side is the fact that for the longest time, you did live like a ‘norm’.  And so it is tempting to go back to that.  I have seen people who were more than capable of making all kinds of things happen but they gave into the fear and returned to their ‘norm’-ness.  Such a pity to watch them put out the flame of their dreams as they accepted that life was too hard to live them out as though they were alone in feeling the challenge that comes with demanding more from yourself than you are used to.

And this happens because they are not choosing to build a network of leaders who will stick with them and strengthen them on the days when things do not feel great.  Instead, they go speak to a ‘norm’ who tells them to relax, take it easy, live a nothing life so that you never feel any challenge – How boring and how soul-destroying.

If you are driven and determined to build a super-successful life and business on your own terms, then you need a posse of leaders, you need to deliberately choose to only share your struggles with this posse because they will be empathetic and also challenging, they will not allow you to buy into your own white lies to yourself, they will stand with you when the going gets tough and it does when building a business!  They will be on your side always.

YOu need that!

Everyone needs that!

And you can have that – a safe place to try out your new ideas, to get feedback, to ask for ideas, to share your wins, to dream big with no fear that anyone will think you are being too proud, to share your trials and get real feedback, to feel part of something that will rock the world – Yes you can have that in the OPULENCE CIRCLE ( – a place where leaders hang out, get out of their own way and create wealth in their own business using their strengths.

The CIRCLE is a place to get all the sales and marketing training you need to excel, particularly when you want to learn how to use your words to write, to speak and to sell…

The CIRCLE is the place to get the camaraderie of fellow leaders on the same path as you…

The CIRCLE is the place to get all your stuff handled so that you get clear and able to consistently do the work to get results…

The CIRCLE is THE place to be.

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