10 Different Types of Lead Magnets

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Why do you need a lead magnet?

It helps you give something to an otherwise wary prospect and prove to them that you are able to deliver whatever it is that you say you will deliver. It enables you to collect their contact details and stay in touch with them, building relationship and trust over the long haul.

As they say, the fortune is in the follow up.

10 Types Of Lead Magnets

  1. The easiest one to me is a pdf – A report or a mini eBookThis does not have to be super long, just enough information to tell them what they need to do to move some issue they are having forward. ‘They’ being your prospect. Don’t be tempted to go on and on about things, just write about what you know which will probably be more than what they know and deliver the product to them.
  2. A videoRecord a quick video telling them the answer or the solution they want. This has the added benefit of them seeing your face and feeling like they are getting to know you. It can be pretty short as long as it delivers value. Host it on vimeo or youtube.
  3. An audioSame as the video except without your face. They get familiar with your voice. And you can host this on soundcloud and make it provate.
  4. A membership siteYou can put together a bunch of useful ideas for people in your niche and place it behind a sign up form. So people are wow-ed by how much free information you are giving away and it does make them think that if your free stuff is so cool, how much more amazing would it be to actually get your paid for stuff.
  5. A voucherHave products? Then you could give a voucher for your prospects to use when they make their first purchase. No need to create anything at all except maybe the graphic.
  6. An infographicA picture says a thousand words. So why not put together a host of useful information and create a cool graphic on Canva.com. Again they only get it when they sign up to your mailing list.
  7. A sampleHave something physical to sell? Give your prospects a sample of it or a mini version of it for free and then they can upgrade to get the real deal if they so choose.
  8. Do a contestOffer something valuable as a prize and do a contest or competition. It gets people involved and it gives them a cool reason to hand over their details in order to take part.
  9. Perform a free assessmentPeople like to know more about themselves. There are various apps available to you that can be used to come up with an assessment to tell them exactly what they want to know. The only way they get access to the results is if they hand over their details.
  10. Do a surveyThis one allows you to kill two birds with one stone. You get to understand your people better and you also get access to their details. Excellent.

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