Your Truest Service

We spend so much time looking out there hoping to find someone, something to define us

To tell us when we are getting it right

To tell us if that what we want to do is acceptable to the world

That never works

You cannot please everyone, no matter how much you try

You cannot be subservient enough for some

You cannot be a leader enough for others

You cannot be sexy and loving enough for some

You cannot be domineering enough for others

You cannot be nice enough, nasty enough, cool enough, boring enough and so on…

You can find your niche for a second and then some algorithm might change and you are cast out again

It is too topsy turvy if we wait for anyone or anything OUT THERE to define who we be

How we serve

What we do with our life

We must be brave enough to realise that our truest service to the world occurs when we are most true to ourselves…

When we take the time to go within and see our true design

When we take the time to love ourselves and accept whatever we see within ourselves

When we realise that there is no mistake about our presence on the planet right now and that we complete the jigsaw puzzle of the planet when we allow our true essence to come through

And that takes courage

Courage to look inside and to trust that we are enough

Courage to believe that we can be taken care of as we simply do what we feel led to do

Without all the layers that life placed on us

Without feeling the need to settle into doing things just to make money or to just get by…

We dare to strip and go back to the zero level where nothing is hidden and we are on display as our very truest selves, boldly, bravely, confidently shining our light

There is purpose to your life

Will you allow it out?

Will you shine your light?


Dare to go within and discover you

Then let it out

Forget what the world tells you is acceptable

And KNOW that YOU ARE acceptable and worthy and ENOUGH!

BE true to you, my love!

And I invite you on this final September intake day to work with me in TRANSITION for 8 weeks

Let’s go back to the zero level, the foundation

The source of your life

And as we strip everything else away, you can choose to shine your light ever so brightly for all the world to see

Much Amazing Love

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