Your people will only come as you unleash your crazy.

Unleash Your Crazy

Do you think that you are the only one that sometimes feels like you do not know how to get what you want out of life?

Do you think that you are the only one that sometimes feels fear and wonders if anything will ever work the way you dream it?

Do you think you are the only one that does not always know what to say or do to make things happen?

What? you think you are alone in the struggle?!

What? You think you are the only one that has it hard at times?!


PLEASE! Just stop with the whining, the moaning, the refusal to just show up powerfully.

Stop with the lurking, the stalking all the other people you thnk are powerful and more able than you!

Just stop all of that stuff and choose to tap into the awesomeness that is you.

You do not have to do it like anyone, you just have to show up!

What is on your heart to say TODAY?

Say it!

And forget what everyone else thinks.

Own the fact that something inside of you wants to serve a great number of people and just get to serving them.

Stop with the second guessing, the doubting, all the fear and just speak, SHOW UP and speak, speak, speak.

I am fed up of watching you holding yourself back.  Why can you not see that you are poweful?

Why can you not just accept it and live from that place!

Why do you keep waiting for the affirmation, the confirmation from people who do not get you anyway?

Why is their opinion more important than your own?

YOU ARE POWERFUL enough to create the life and the busines that you want.

Stop dilly-dallying and get to work.

The reason why you still do not have everything you want is because you are not asking for it.

You are not out there putting yourself on the line time and time again, to ask for what you want…

You are still hiding.

You are still not telling them how you can help them.

You are looking for some kind of a perfect way and you are buying into all the nonsense about there being a perfect way.

There is NO perfect way, there is just the way that works for you.


No one has done it your way yet because you must create that way.

Yes, you can learn the basics of lead generation so that you are continuously building that audience of people who want to be around you and want to hear what you have to say.

But apart from that, honey, YOU JUST HAVE TO SHOW UP and do whatever you feel you have to do.

Your people will only come as you unleash your crazy.

Listen, I am growing a community of peeps who are deliberately, DELIBERATELY choosing to put themselves out in the world.  They know they are called to something more than what they are living right now and they are done with all the hiding, all the stalking, all the pretending to be less that what they truly are.  We are leaders, We are deliberate millionaires.  Our bank balances may not represent the millions yet but we know that it is a part of our future and we create it NOW.

We do not wait for proof of anything, we just know that there is something inside of us that must come out.

We must serve people, we must change lives, we are awake and we want the world to wake up and live, too.

We must use our words, our business to wake them up.


We feel afraid at times…

We feel like no one cares at times…

We think we are deluded A whole lot of the time…

And yet, we keep going…


because there is something inside that cannot settle for the normal life.

People tell us to slow down, to smile more, to chill out more but they do not understand the passion within us, the fire in our hearts, the power we feel we must continuusly hold back because we feel misunderstood a whole lot of the time.

And so, I build this community of crazy, freedom-seeking, powerful Deliberate Millionaire leaders and I invite you in, if you are one of us.  Yes, there is all the business training you need so you can get to work unleashing your greatness but this is not just about that.  This is about you owning the fact that you are choosing to be a DELIBERATE MILLIONAIRE.  You are choosing to be someone who shows up.  You are choosing to change lives with what you have inside of you, your skills, your talents, your strengths.

You are choosing to be all you can be.

And I am choosing to support you in that, if you let me.

People like us have to stick together because it is easy to get caught up in feeling bad about who we are.  Our whole life, people have told us that we need to be different.  And now, I personally am done with listening to them or allowing their voices into my head any more.

I am who I am and I fully own it.

Do you?

Do you fully own who you are?

Do you CHOOSE to fully own you even though at times, you wonder why you cannot be like everyone else?

Stop trying, Start being YOU!

It is time to step up and join the community – Pop over to and find out more.  Join in, if it speaks to you.

It is time to fight for, to create the life, the business you want.

Kind Regards,

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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