Your Needs Are Always Met

Stop with the worry

Stop with the anxiety

Your needs are always met

Stop with the agitated mind gymnastics

Stop buying into the need for a struggle

Your needs are ALWAYS met

You have been through tight times before

And guess what? You always came through


Your Needs are Always Met

The worry does not help

It just makes it feel worse

It just stifles your creativity

Please believe…



Connect to Source

Picture what you now desire

Believe in your heart of hearts that…

Your Needs Are Always Met

Then listen to your intuition

Act with confidence, knowing…


It is a choice to live in trust

It is a choice to build faith

Your needs are always met

It is a choice to allow your needs to be met easily

Or to be met with grand emotional turmoil and an unnecessarily long transition period…

Your needs will still be met

Maybe the timing is not what you want

Maybe it is not coming from where you expect

But be sure to realise that…

Your needs will DEFINITELY BE MET

It might even be in a more abundant way than you can imagine…

If you will open yourself up to receive

And release all attachment to HOW it must happen

Your needs are always met

Go on, look back over your life

You will notice the trend

Your needs were always met

So, instead of closing yourself off with crazy drama

Remain connected and open to love

And allow not just your needs but also your desires to be met as well…

Because honey, you are more powerful than you think

Your life is being created now

Whether by all the worry and focus on everything you think you do not have

Or by the faith and trust that your needs are always met

It is your choice

Live stifled, full of fear, doubt and anxiety

Or live abundant, full of love, joy and peace

What will it be, my love?

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And remember…


Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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