Your Most Important Work On The Prosperity Journey

I thought I had to work harder

And harder 

And harder

I thought I had to feel the pain of the struggle

In order to win at life

And I was prepared to do it all

I still am.

When I decide what I want, then I am willing to do whatever, WHATEVER it takes to bring it to life

I will work harder

Sleep less

Push, push, PUSH myself to keep performing at a high level


Papa finally got through…

And asked me to pull back from the physical action

And instead do more of the internal clarity work.

That felt weird and scary

“What do you mean, DO LESS?!!!!”

What the hey?

IS it not about the push, the struggle, the grind, the hustle?

I still like all those words, let me be clear

However, I realised that I had a choice

I could grow through struggle

Or I could grow through ease

I would still grow whatever I chose

But the struggle path tends to lead to people dropping off the path because it is tough

How long can you kill yourself to work and work and work before you finally decide to settle for whatever?

How long before you start to think that you are alone in the universe and everything is stacked up against you?

Although the chances are that you already bought into that story, hence all the struggle and drama

BE honest, who would you be without all that stuff?

Do you even know?

If you truly want to be prosperous in all areas of life, then you may want to learn what I have learnt

The most important work is internal

The most important work is connection with Source

Trusting Source

Living out of that connection and trust

Choosing to do whatever it takes to keep that connection strong and clear

And then taking aligned action

Not fear-driven action

It may look very similar to what you are now doing except it will FEEL different

One way is very fear-driven and you feel scared that you will lose it all if you even stop for a second and also, you generally tend to settle for less because the idea of having to keep pushing in this way to get your whole dream, just seems too much

And it is.

So you settle and try to tell yourself that you are happy enough.

You can have that

Or you can have true prosperity when you do the inner work.

The money

the relationships

the health

The purposeful work

And a deep abiding KNOWLEDGE that you are safe and fully supported

(Remember nothing is withheld from you simply because you decided to go spiritual 😀 – You can have it all… easier)

What will it be for you?

If you choose the path of connection, ease, flow and prosperity then I invite you to come do life with me, either one on one or in the OPULENCE CIRCLE.  YOU can find out more about both at

I cannot promise that the transition to this life of ease will be completely easy.  You are, after all, addicted to the struggle and to the fact that you have to strive and push and work super hard for every little thing.  We were all conditioned that way and so it can feel tough at the start to live a more trust based life.  If you are anything like me, you will keep looking for the system, the step-by-step bullet point list that will change everything in 3 seconds flat.

Which is why you need to do life with me.

I will help you stay on track to TRUST!

I will hold the space for you as you learn to let go of the old way and gradually, ease into more flow, more prosperity the less strenuous way.  Yes, there will still be action to take but from a different place of peace.

And right now, you can get in to the Circle for $2 a week or $9 a month while the NEW LAUNCH pricing lasts.  And there is even a significant discount on private mentoring with me

Go check it out.  You will know which one is right for you.

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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