Your Life Will Never Work Until You Live To Your True Design

Honey, don’t you see that you can NEVER make your life work while you live in a way that does not suit you?

Don’t you understand that you cannot fit your awesome roundness into some square hole without feeling the discomfort of being in the wrong life?

I know they told you that you had to

They told you that it was practical

They told you that you would be rejected if you did not fit right in and do what everyone does

And you bought all this nonsense

And not only that, you started to despise the softer sides of yourself

You became hard and tough

Push, push, PUSHING against your very nature

And wondering, wondering, WONDERING when it would feel like success

Yes, the world sees you as successful

The world might even see you as rich

But you feel out of place in your own life!

I could have stayed the pharmacist

I could even have stayed doing property deals and managing tenants and building an ever more successful business in property – they even gave me a Porsche Boxster for my efforts so yep, I could have kept on going…

I could have remained a plain old business coach

They were all ‘successful and practical’ by the world’s standards

But it felt wrong

I felt fidgety in my own skin

There was low-level sadness that plagued me

I had to strip away, strip away, STRIP AWAY the nonsense

And boldly choose to do my purpose work

I had to live to my true design in order to feel that quiet sense of fulfilment

That sense of ‘WOOHOO’ that I got to do the work I wanted to do, work that EXCITED ME!

That feeling you crave

No, I cannot pretend it was easy

I felt silly a lot of the time

I felt like I was hurting my family a lot of the time

I wondered if I was just being crazy to demand that life allow me to live the way I want to

You will feel these things too

But do you want to go to the grave with your music in you?

Do you want to keep living someone else’s life?

I know that the thing you feel called to, seems illogical by the standards of most of the world at the moment

And yet, the world is changing

Things that seemed crazy are now considered acceptable

And it will continue to happen in increasing areas as more and more people determine to thrive, rather than just get by…

But it takes faith

A deep connection to Source and willingness to live intuitively

Will you find it within you to answer the call from within?

Will you AWAKEN to your true design?

Will you live the life you are born for?

You get the feeling that you are here for more impact and more influence

But that will only happen as you live to your true design

YOU CANNOT PROSPER in the wrong life

YOU CANNOT BE HAPPY in the wrong life

And maybe you feel it is frivolous to consider happiness a goal

But really, how long will you continue in this state of emptiness?

I am taking on new clients at the moment

Spirit-Driven people determined to distil out their true design

Spirit-Driven professionals and business owners determined to then manifest a fulfilling and prosperous life based on their true design

The Spirit-Driven who are done with old religious dogma that does not actually work in their life

The spirit-driven who are determined to impact more people while creating wealth in all areas of life

Spirit-Driven Men and women willing to do the inner work to uncover their true selves and remove any obstacles to true lasting prosperity

the Driven determined to connect with Source in a real way

If that sounds like you, message me now for more information about working with me one-on-one

please note that the price goes up with each new client so the quicker you claim your spot, the better.


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