It feels scary to dream big…

You think you might not make it…

You think it is too much for little old you!

You think you will just disappoint yourself by thinking such lofty thoughts…

And yet, you carry vastness within you – You carry the power and energy of God within you and you doubt yourself.

And you dream your little dream and you get even littler results.

What if you aimed for a billion and you got 10 million?  Would you be complaining?

What if you aimed for ten million and got just 1 million?  Would that feel bad?

Right now, you wish for just enough to pay the bills and you don’t always get that!  How is this way of thinking helping you?

If you expanded your dreams, if you really dreamt the REAL dream that has been placed in your heart from before time even began, how much more creative would you be?  How much more would you do to make it happen?

Look at those numbers again, now imagine that each one of those was a person…

A person you are called and perfectly able to serve in some way…

Would it make a difference to you?

As you thought of the billion people you are divinely able to support with your product, service, ministry, music, books…

Would you start to see that living out your purpose-driven wealthy life is about more than just you?

And would you stop hiding behind the excuses, the reasons, the self-imposed limits and just DO YOU!

Powerfully & With Determination?!

Today is a great day to dream bigger!


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