Your Community Is Waiting On You To Shine Your Light

I see you rising up, standing in your power, owning your vision, daring to SHINE…

I see you ignoring the naysayers, the self-doubt, the fear…

I see you as a light in the darkness all around you…

Changing the path that many in your family have taken…

Setting up a new trend…

You, the forerunner

Breaking the chains that kept you trapped in a regular life when you know you are born to impact nations and live an extraordinary life

STANDING UP, finally surrendering to the power within you

I see all that and more in you…

And I see the people you will impact…

The hope you dole out as you choose to be all you can be…

As others see you, doing what they thought was just a figment of their imagination, they suddenly feel inspired to do more themselves…

And why?

Because finally, you owned all that you are.

You finally took off all the layers that people, events, circumstances put on you…

You finally stopped allowing fear to determine your life

You broke up with excuses

You partnered with the Divine

And you followed hard after your vision

One step then the next

One piece of guidance then the next

It seemed some days like nothing was changing

Yes you wondered if you were deluded

But this time, you decided.

YOU DECIDED NEVER EVER TO STOP putting one foot in front of the other

That was all.

Just a simple decision.

And though you went through valleys of darkness at times…

Though you got caught up in seeming reasonable and logical success sometimes…

Ultimately, you got on the narrow path and you stayed there…


And now, your community, the people you are called to serve, are changed too because you did your part…

Those who spoke against you are now asking how you did it

And you are simply thankful that you owned the power within you and just kept going…

And even now, you simply keep going

Your vision is even bigger now

Your dreams have stretched even more now

And you are committed to living to the fullness of your potential so onwards and upwards, dear friend


You got this!

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Coach

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