Your childhood memories of Father keep you from impact and income – Leader You Must Heal

You are someone with a great big purpose on your life and you know it.  However for whatever reason, you struggle to make headway into some of the more prosperous things you see yourself doing, in your mind’s eye.  Something holds you back, something gets in the way and hopefully, this may give you some insights into where you may be held back.


Each one of us had childhood experiences that mould our existence even now.  Some mould us for good and others for bad and it is only as you face the darkness of the bad experiences that you are able to break their hold over you and walk more confidently towards a more prosperous, fulfilling life.



Tell me, what is the relationship you have/had with your father?  In an ideal world, he would have been the one to fill you with a sense of identity and significance.  Did yours do that?  He would also have been the one that you looked to for safety, security and protection.  Did you feel safe around your dad?


Did he provide for you?  As much as we live in an equal world where men and women work and bring home the bacon, there is an innate sense that your dad should provide for you and if you felt he did not, you become the striver, the pusher, the one who can never trust the process because whenever you trusted your dad, you found him wanting.


Of course, you are capable of providing for yourself and also giving yourself identity and self-worth etc – However, you will struggle in adulthood if you did not have the foundation of someone else, specifically your father, calling it all out in you.  You will feel lacking in these areas.  You will feel too scared to trust the process of getting your business off the ground because you feel you always have to take care of yourself and everyone else.  You become the saviour to everyone but no one is allowed to support you.


Setting up a business/ministry or even following your dream to write books, songs etc will feel too risky and so even if you make a start, there will be no consistency in doing the work because it all feels too risky and you do not feel protected, you do not feel safe.  Everything needs to be under your control but that is not the way the abundant life works.   the abundant life includes faith – not as a crutch that means you do nothing but as an integral part of the process.  As a spiritual being, you find it hard to trust God/Universe to look out for you and so you try to do both the work that you can do and then you push even more.


Or worse, you do not start at all.  You just do not think enough of yourself to put yourself out in that way.  And there will be all sorts of pratical sounding reasons for you to hold back but ultimately, it comes down to this ‘father-wound’


How do you heal it?


a) First of all, notice it.  Allow yourself to see that there could be something here.  It does not make you weak to need to be healed of these things.  It is the strong that recognise their need for freedom.  It is the called who actually do something about it.  Do not allow pride to stand in the way of you creating the life you are born to live.

You are so used to having a wall of protection around you but it is keeping you away from your healing and from abundance and prosperity and even more than that, it is keeping you from the work you are called to do.

b) Forgive your father – He did the best he knew to do.  Release him so that you find freedom too.

c) Make new affirmations for your life – I choose to trust that the work I do is worthwhile and will change lives.

I choose to trust that as I do the work I know to do, I will experience success in abundance.

I am open to miracles – I do my work and I trust the universe to shower favour on me.

d) Retrain your brain with affirmations and new actions that take you towards your deliberately designed life.

Remember it took years of harbouring these feelings so do the work to heal consistently

In some cases, the above 4 steps are enough, sometimes you need to work with someone to promote faster healing.  If you are an entrepreneur (current or soon to be) with ideas of increasing yoru impact and income by promoting your books, music, ministry, products, services online then I can help you.  PM me on Facebook for a breakthrough consultation where I will assess if we are right to work together for your freedom, wealth and impact – You will leave the session knowing your next step forward.

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