Your Beliefs Are Not Set In Stone!

Honey, your beliefs seem so fixed in place…

And that is a problem.

Well, only because I see that you are not quite living the life you desire yet.

If you were living your most awesome life then it would not matter at all what you believed because obviously, your beliefs were supporting your ideal life…

But… that does not seem to be the case for you at the moment…

So why not change your beliefs?

After all, each belief is simply a thought that you kept thinking until it became your reality so you could just choose a new thought to think repeatedly.

But maybe you do not quite realise just how important this is

Maybe you do not see how your beliefs create your life

Maybe you think that your beliefs are a result of your life experience and your ‘reality’

But that is not true

You are too powerful than that

You are literally a God Unit walking around creating, creating, creating.

You may be unaware of it, most of the time but you are still creating, creating, creating…

So, maybe you want to get conscious…

And deliberate (you know how I love that word!)

I had to get pretty deliberate

And it meant that a lot of the beliefs that I thought were set in stone, I had to shift them…

I had to dig deep and truthfully, I continue to dig deep and get rid of any ideas that prevent me from doing the work I love to do and creating the life I want to live…

Some of my most closely held religious beliefs had to go so that I could develop a powerful relationship with the Divine…

And it was scary

Because I had believed it, MY WHOLE LIFE

Believed it soooo wholeheartedly that it felt like the gospel truth but there were holes

Things that did not seem to make sense

And yes, there is space for faith, for sure

But some things are not simply to be glossed over

And you will know the difference if you dare to be quite so honest with yourself

And apart from religious beliefs, there will also be cultural, familial beliefs that need to be shaken up and stirred and maybe even completely discarded.

There will be ‘this is just the way things are’ beliefs that need to go, as well


So, honey, are you willing to raise your awareness?

Start now

What thought is rising up in you as you read this post?

Is it a resistant one?

Why are you resisting what I am saying?

What are you scared will happen if you question your beliefs?

Will your ‘truth’ stand up to scrutiny?

Or will it all fall like a pack of cards?

And what will happen if it did fall?

Are you worried about who you will be, without these beliefs?

Are you scared that the scary ‘god’ in the sky is gonna send you to hell for all eternity?  The ‘god’ you claim is love.

And whatever you are thinking about that, please know that LOVE, REAL LOVE, does not hurt! so stop telling yourself those lies!

Really question your beliefs and your thoughts.

Install ones that elevate you

Eliminate ones that do not.


You are the one with free will!

USE IT to prosper

USE IT to be happy

USE IT to love yourself


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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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