You Do Not Need Perfection To Live A Prosperous, Opulent, Fulfilling Life

The stories you are ashamed of, make you you

The mistakes you made, make you you

The mess you sometimes find yourself in, is all part of the inspiration that you are

Just keep showing up.

You do not need to be some kind of perfect robot

You need to be you

You do not need to know the answer to everything

You have particular answers as a result of the events of your life and it is okay to share those without having to have it all tied up in a bow.

Stop allowing what you consider to be flaws, stop you from committing to the life that you desire to create

You are enough

You can start now

Prosperity is yours NOW

You are worthy of it NOW

Nothing separates you from it, except the thought that you have to prove yourself in some way.

The relationships you desire

The work you desire

The money you desire

The health you desire

The spiritual connection you desire

Is all available to you, right now

Just decide to stop feeling like you have to hide yourself

Stop trying to be perfect

Stop trying to prove yourself

Just decide that today, you are enough

And boldly show up for your life.

Forgive yourself for past mistakes

Forgive others for hurting you

You do not do it for them, you do it for your own freedom

You cannot hold someone hostage without being a prisoner too

So, release, let go, set them free and in so doing, set yourself free

And choose this moment that you are enough

You are worthy

You CAN create a life you adore

You CAN be truly prosperous


That you will boldly do what you have run from in the past

that you will do the internal work and the external work

That you will no longer allow the ‘stuff’ to confuse and overwhelm you

You commit to the next step, that is all.

Just the next step

And then the one after that

You commit to listening to the inner guidance and JUST DOING THE NEXT STEP.


You are invited to work with me for 20 days to tap back into your power and manifest the life you desire as you own it.

It is time for you to boldly go where you have run from in the past

It is time for you to remember who you are

It is time for you to return to your unstoppable nature

There is a difference you want to make in your lifetime

It is time to stop being held back by your imagined holdbacks.

They are not real

And spending time with me on this bootcamp will open your eyes up again to your possibilities.

Join me now

It is time to RISE!

Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister


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