You Do Not Have To Take Part – You Can Choose A Different Path!

You do not have to take part!

No, it is not that the economy in Germany is falling apart. It is not about the Ebola Virus. It is not about anything happening abroad or even anything happening closer to home.

Even with all the fear and trepidation in the air, some people are continually creating lives they love, creating businesses that make money, creating and designing a career that fills them with bliss.

These are the leaders and warriors – the ones who will see through all the nonsense and come out the other side bigger and better than before. Yes, they will have the ’poor’ ones moaning and groaning about how the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

The thing is this, there is nothing stopping anyone doing exactly the same. There is nothing at all stopping anyone from choosing to turn their fortunes around especially not if you live in a developed country.

If there is anyone around you prospering, then why are you not doing the same?

You say you want this and you want that but are you actually willing to DO what it takes? If not, then cut the green eyed monster out.

No, not every wealthy person is pure of motive and good inside and out but then neither is every poor person. There is good and bad in every part of society. That is irrelevant and yet people use it as an excuse not to put themselves out time and time again.

This is it. You do not have to take part in all the chaos going on out there in the world. The answers to your particular concerns and challenges will be found inside of you.

The answers will be found in the choices you make, regardless of the news all around you.



You can be a warrior and focus on creating wealth for you – Yes, YOU FIRST and then others.

You can challenge the status quo. You can be a creator and start to create solutions rather than join the 98% in talking about the problems.

You are in the world but you do not have to be of it. You can be a light instead.

Go on, Wealthy Warrior! Let Your Light shine, fight down the fears inside of you and cause the fear to flee for others too.

Be an instigator, rather than a follower. Yes You Can!

Much Amazing Love

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