You Do Know How to Live A Free, Fulfilled, Abundant Life – You Are Simply Not Believing It!

I have these glimpses…

That is what I call them…

these little visions of what my life can be

I have had these glimpses for as long as I can remember

Just mini thoughts of the things I desire

The life I desire to live

The person I desire to be

Every so often, I catch a glimpse of it, in its full glory

And sometimes, I live from that

As I get older, I live from those glimpses more and more

As I get older, I get more and more determined to leave behind the physical reality and truly live by faith

Because I see more and more that the parts of my life that work, are the parts where I dared to live from the glimpses

It has always got me lots of flak from those around me who could not understand why I could not just be the same as them

And I have tried, at times, to just live like they do

But I always end up sabotaging it

I don’t want to settle for a less than crazy happy life

I know I can have it all

I mean, even Papa tells me this over and over

So why would I settle for less?

I have a feeling you get these glimpses too

These little visions that show you what life can be like if you would rise above the drama of your current life

there are moments when it feels incredibly possible to just walk away from all the ties and chains and drama and nonsense

And then you shake your head and tell yourself to go back to the struggle

You tell yourself that it would be irresponsible to choose to live from the glimpses

You tell yourself that you are grown up now and there is no more time for childish dreams

And even though you desperately want to experience true happiness

You keep going back to the nonsense

And every so often, you catch a glimpse of the big vision

Those occasions come less and less as you keep ignoring them and keep telling yourself to stop being silly

But still they come

to remind you of what could be

Will you dare to step off the broad path and return to the narrow path?

The path you were born to live on before you bought into the conditioning of the world

It takes courage to live over here

It takes putting the blinkers on your eyes and ears as everyone tries to show you and tell you how to live

They are not happy

And they want you to join them in their unhappiness and unfulfilment because they think they are doing you a favour by bringing you back to the broad path

But you do not have to listen

You simply need to trust yourself

Trust the intuitive nudges within

Simple to do

Also scary to do at times if you have not yet established in your mind that you are loved, safe and fully supported

The only way to establish that is to test it by getting on this faith walk and living to the glimpses

Will you do it?

I invite you to come on this journey with me

Let me give you a boost

We do life together so that you can move from stagnant to relighting the fire within

You can get back in touch with the power lying latent within you

You can see more clearly the glimpses of what you are here to do, be, have

And then you can choose to take steps towards it now

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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