You Can Be Whoever You Want To Be RIGHT NOW!

Imagine you are just about to start a new school…

No one knows you

No one has pre-conceived ideas about you

You are free to reinvent yourself

To start afresh

To choose again how you show up in the world

How would you show up?

Who would you be?

What would you do a little differently?

Or maybe a lot differently

And I know, I KNOW that the idea is not to be someone other than you!

So no telling me what we already know!!!!

Instead free yourself from the shackles of expectation that now seem to surround you…

Free yourself from the box of who people expect you to be

And who you have allowed yourself to be

When, in reality, you see yourself as a whole different person inside of you…

You see yourself making a difference

Impacting people

Changing lives

Being happy

At peace

And confident

That is the real you

The one you hide within you

The one covered over by years of playing smaller

Years of trying to satisfy everyone in your life

Years of thinking that love meant being less than who you are

Years of ignoring the little whisper within you that tried to put you back on the path to your true design

Today is that first day at a new school

Dare to break free of the box


Dare to do those things you dream of doing

Dare to go beyond the lines and become bolder, braver, more confident than ever before

Yesterday, I met with a friend who has a little 4 year old daughter…


It made her more daring than most because she just assumed that life would support her.

I was so impressed by that thinking because we all begin to forget that as we grow older…

We instead assume that the world is against us and we need to protect ourselves and hide and play small to avoid too much adverse attention…

But what if we remembered?

Remembered that actually everything is seeking our good

That actually the end game is already set and we win

That actually we are one with Source and so, nothing bad can happen… not really…

That we are simply here to create whatever experience of life we desire…

What if we remember and act accordingly?

HOw different would life be then?

There is a part of you that knows this stuff

But then there is the fear part of you and it has been allowed too much free rein…


This is your life

Who do you choose to be?

How do you want to show up?

What do you want to do?


It is a new moment

Everything starts afresh, right now.

Begin again

And then again

And then again

Until you feel in alignment with your truest self

Until you feel really good.

And then you will know and remember who you truly are.






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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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