Right now, you are playing out a story

A story in which you are the hero

You get to choose that story

Is it a triumph?

Is it a tragedy?

All your choice.

Of course there are other players in this story but they do not get a leading role, though you may relinquish control of your story and make it be more about them

Again, it is your choice.

YOu may buy into the stories they tell you of how life must be lived…

YOu may take on their dogma, their rules, their ideas…

Or you can simply choose to listen and choose your own path

Because whether you like it or not, whether you are aware of it or not – YOU ARE THE HERO of this storyline…

The things and the people around may seem bigger than life…

But they only get the control you give them when it comes to your storyline…

Your parents

Your friends

Your partner

Your children

Your siblings

The government

The banks

the Economy

Your spiritual leader

Whatever, whoever all get to play the part in your life that you choose for them to play…

You may play the victim of them…

Unable to do anything but their bidding

And your story becomes a tragedy

Or you may see that you have the starring role and you can choose to determine the impact everything and everyone has on you.


What do you choose?

Prosperity, in all areas, can be your divine birthright

Or prosperity can be reserved for everyone but you…

Living a prosperous and purpose-driven life can be your story

Or you may choose to believe that money has final say over what you do or do not do…

You can have choose a relationship that empowers and lifts you up

Or you can choose no relationship at all

Or you can settle for a relationship where you are abused in subtle, or not-so-subtle ways because you think that that is all ou can get…

YOU can be slim, sexy, strong, healthy

Or you can lack energy, be overweight and sickly and expect to die young…

YOu can travel, see more of the world, live an exciting life

Or you can tell yourself that it is impossible for you with all your responsibilities…

All of it is your choice…

YEs, you are that powerful

So what do you choose?

Will you write a story empowers of disempowers you?

Tell me, what do you choose?

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The idea is to heal you of any blocks that keep you stuck in place

To support you in taking back your power as the HERO of your own story line

To put you on your TRUE-DESIGN path

Yes, it is time to RISE

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight

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