You Are Safe & Supported. Put Down Your Shield

You have been fighting, fighting, fighting…

Fighting to keep things going…

But you are getting tired, fed up, worn out with carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders – It is part of the dubious benefits of being a strong person – Everyone expects you to keep going.

And you do keep going

One step then the next

You keep on going but there is a gaping hole in your armour

It feels like more of the darts of life are getting to you

And you are finding it harder and harder to swat them away because you had thought you would be done with this level of chaos by now…

You had thought you would be elsewhere by now

But what if I told you that you can let down your shield?

That the Divine has your back and in fact, He/She/It has always had your back

Except you were taught to fight hard…

You thought it was all on you to make it all happen

You got so used to dealing with the challenges of life by fighting for your corner and the corner of everyone you love, that you became the saviour of the world.

You took on the role of great defender

And the weight was heavy…

So heavy.

And you forgot who you really were

You laid down your own vision at the cross of keeping everyone else happy and safe

And also at the cross of keeping your heart safe.

Someone close to you hurt you

Maybe you even made some mistakes

And you carry the weight of all of this

But you can stop now.

You can put down your shield now

The Divine wants you to know…

“You are safe

You are supported

You have never been alone

Fear clouded you and those around you

It made you think that you had to fight to the death

But it was never going to be sustainable

You are created to do best in connection to ME

Will you lay down your shield and relax?

Knowing that I am on your side”


One thing that I have done for a long time is picture the Divine as my father – I call Him Papa

I go into this throne room that I create in my mind and I sit on His lap and I surrender to the love that surrounds me

It helps me return to centre

It helps me remember again that I am not alone in this

I am intuitively guided from this place of connection

And ultimately, it leads me to increased prosperity

Will you put down your shield?

And begin to truly trust that intuitive nudge within you

That is the path of massive acceleration.

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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