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Truth is, I sometimes, feel weird writing about these more spiritual topics but you know what, I am completely sold on the idea that as I show up as who I really am, then the more I attract the right people into my world who really do want to change lives and create wealth and who are willing to question their long held ideas of how that life works.

Because it is only THE DELIBERATE that will win in this life…

The norms live a boring, passive, limited life because they are too scared to question their own ideas, question the ideas planted in their heads since birth by people who had hoped to make them pliable and easy to control.

I say this but even I get scared at times that I am pushing the boat out too much…

And yet, as the title says, I am free and I am loved and so nothing I do, can take away from that.

Same applies to you, you know?

In business, in life, you are able to question the status quo, you are able to question the rules you have set for yourself and if they are no longer working for you, then you can change them because regardless of what you do or do not do, you are free and you are loved.

God does not desire that you live a life of bondage as you try to jump through His hoops –

What if all the hoops are of your own making?

What if you have been making the rules of what it meant to be good and deserving of wealth?

When you think about it, you know that your perception of what you are allowed to do, has changed since you were a child so who do you think has been making the rules?

God has not changed, honey!

God is not fickle – The same yesterday, today, forever…

But guess who is not quite so solid and unchanging?

Yes, it is you!

You have been making the rules about whether you are good enough to be loved, to create wealth, to grow a business, to live a life that you actually adore…


And sometimes those rules have stifled you, they have made you unhappy but you have tried to tell yourself that this is what God demands of you and so you have been in bondage.

Instead of questioning where your ideas come from, you have held fast to traditions and limitations that bind you up.

I do understand why you do it because I do it too.

It is the way we have been trained, it is a way to keep us safe and secure in a world that can at times, feel so uncertain but  honey, we can no longer allow a desire for safety and security to stop us from living a full life.

Living a full life in all areas means you have to question anything that seeks to stifle your freedom and those questions will sometimes feel scary to ask.

You might vaguely think “What if I end up with the lightning bolt from heaven frying me up before I can think it and corrupt the people around me?”

But what does that thinking tell you?

It tells you that you are living a life to appease a ‘god’ you are not sure actually loves you…

And frankly, what horrid type of deity is that?

As you know, God is the same, yesterday, today, forever – He is not the one having a personality upgrade or anything – He loves you and you are free and that has always been the way of things…

The question is you – Do you believe it really?

Or do you think there are still many hoops to jump through and while you are jumping through all those self-imposed hoops, you are not doing the work you feel called to do.

You are not changing lives in the numbers you could be…

You are not free and you certainly do not feel loved…

And your results show it.

Your results show that you are internally conflicted…

Your ACTIONS show that you are internally conflicted…

Because you are not at all able to focus on the work you feel called to do because you think you have to mix it all up with all the hoops you must jump through to get love from your higher power.

It is time to get deliberate about what you believe…

Becasue as I asid, only THE DELIBERATE  win at this life.

You are free and you are loved so please QUESTION anything that hinders you from living out a free, loved, wealthy life.

The world awaits your awakening.


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