You have always known it

Always felt it

Always yearned to express it

The power within

You thought it made you proud

And so you stifled it

You thought that people would look down on you for your pride

And so you pretended to be like everyone around you

But you felt like an odd ball

They even thought you were a bit different

Sometimes a lot different

They thought you were deliberately being annoying

Even when you tried so hard to be one of them

You never were

You never will be

And all this stifling just makes you feel YUK

Those deep desires inside of you are yours to express

Those deep longings are yours to bring to life

You have what it takes

You ARE what it takes

Listen, listen, LISTEN to the whisper of the Divine within you

Feel the power coursing through you

Feel your unlimited nature

Respond to it

Say ‘YES’ to it

Put the blinders on

Do not look to the left or the right


Begin to do what you desire

Begin to put yourself out into the world

Forget what anyone thinks



Why do you distrust yourself so much?

Why do you allow others to tell you that it is selfish to be fully expressed?

Why do you allow dogma and rules that others have created, stifle you?

Why do you jump through hoops to satisfy some deity that you do not really know?

When there is a thought inside of you that tells you that all this is silliness?

When there is a deep knowledge inside of you that recognises that you are created for more than these silly games?

Why do you NOT trust yourself?

Put the blinders on, I say again


Forget what everyone else does

Make your own way

Find your true path

Feel it out


Be like a child, discovering for the first time what is possible for you

Catch those glimpses of freedom and follow them

This is the only way to fulfilment and abundance

Every other path may give you the look of respectability but it will also give you the hidden despair…

Forget all that

Forget the normal path


You are so enamoured with the trappings of this world

So enamoured that you will sell your own soul to get them

And when you get them, you find them to be empty baubles if you have not discovered your true self too

You can have everything, INCLUDING your true self, you know…

So why settle for one or the other?


Decide ALL that you desire

There are no limits

And then go all the way in

Fully expressed

Fully present

Fully connected

Completely on track

YOU are born to be all you dream of


Affirm with me:

“I am free. I am free. I am free. I am free. I am free to be all of me”

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Much Amazing Love

Rosemary Nonny Knight
The Prosperity Minister

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